Monthly Archives: March 2018

The Easter Tree

Okay, it isn’t really a tree and eggs have only a tenuous connection to Easter. But these were on display just down our street, right in front of St. Cyriak church. I figured they were colourful enough to warrant their own post. Don’t recall seeing any similar displays in Canada, but maybe I’m just not […]

God’s Not Dead

Film franchises are always risky. Just because the original film is great doesn’t mean any sequels will be. Too often it seems the studios are just trying to cash in on a popular film with substandard follow-ups. Which means I approached the third installment in the “God’s Not Dead film series with a certain amount […]

Who Needs Grammar?

Many years ago, I had some friends who moved to an Arabic speaking country to open a business. That meant learning the language. I don’t remember much of what they used to say about that country, but I do remember the pronouncement that “Arabic is stinking hard,” a sentence with I would nod appreciatively but […]

The Best Laid Plans…

Roots II

Just a few more photos from our Sunday afternoon walk.


I’m not quite sure exactly where we were. On the way home from church yesterday my wife said “Why don’t we go for a walk.” So we pulled off the road, got out of the car and walked. If you really need to know where we were, we had left Mullheim and had not yet […]