Monthly Archives: March 2015

Ending with a Bang (or a Whimper)?

As a journalist (though not practising these days) I know how obnoxious we can be as a profession. They teach it in journalism school. I’m only half joking about that. Young journalists in training have it drummed into their heads that the story is all-important. Sometimes, they are told, that means you have to do […]

Thoughts For A Monday

How did you wake up this morning? Happy? Sad? Grumpy because you have to go back to school or work after a weekend off? Does your mood matter? Will how you are feeling affect other people? Should it? You may not be able to control the circumstances you find yourself in today (or any day) […]

Is Tradition Important?

Who cares about tradition? The Pope misses his late night pizza runs, which I guess is his tradition. In a recent interview the Pope Francis I revealed that he doesn’t expect to be pope for very long, maybe three to five years. He has already been sitting on St. Peter’s throne for two. And thus […]

Warped in Calgary

I was telling this story recently at a family gathering, and my brother, who had not heard it, said I should do a post about it. It took a long time to tell, complete with hand gestures. Here’s the short version, you’ll have to imagine my gesticulation while you read. In 2006, on a family […]

Uber Changes Everything

I don’t take taxis very often; perhaps that should that be never, at least at home. I did take a couple of cabs last summer in Bucharest, but vacations are different. Uber has come to Ottawa, but I can’t say I am all that excited. Technology now makes it possible for taxi services to be […]

The Un-Canadian

Ted Cruz has declared his candidacy for the Republican Party nomination for the 2016 American presidential election. He is unlikely to win. He is the first to declare his candidacy. Voting day is still 20 months away. Historically those who declare first don’t capture the prize. I suspect party members become tired of them over […]

The Legacy

Every so often as I travel on the Internet I come across a piece of writing that strikes a chord. There is a blog that I follow because every day it posts a classic Dilbert comic strip, and I am a big Dilbert fan. There is usually a piece of “inspirational” writing as well, most […]

Mystery Sign

My translation software says the sign reads “Picnic Notice.” That leaves me confused. The sign is just a few metres away from the Buyukada Orphanage (see yesterday’s post). Who is it that I am supposed to call? And am I calling to say I want to have a picnic, or to report someone who is […]

Buyukada Orphanage

I wrote about visiting one of the Princes Islands in Istanbul, and my interest in the abandoned building at the top of the hill. I recently discovered there is more to the story of that abandoned orphanage than what I learned on the trip. It has fairly recently been part of an important court case. […]

Not Too Young To Die

The baby boom generation is contemplating its mortality. Or at least I find I am thinking about death a lot lately. Not in a morbid fashion, but it does seem that every day when I read the newspaper I read about what seems to me to be an untimely death. When I scan the obituaries […]