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A Century Later

When time stands still it can be pretty impressive. My sister dropped off an envelope of family photos she thought might be of interest. Included was one of my paternal grandmother, Isabelle Anderson, taken on a visit to Parliament Hill in October 1922. Given that date, I think I can say with confidence that my […]

Only In Ottawa

The commission of public inquiry report on Ottawa’s light rail (LRT) system is out and the results are not pretty. As expected, the report isn’t complimentary towards those in charge of the multi-billion dollar project. Ordinarily you would expect repercussions for those who made bad, possibly illegal, moves while misleading the public and city council. […]

Shattered Dreams

Like most sports fans, at times my head and my heart are at war with each other. Never has that been more obvious than during the World Cup this year. Canada qualified for the tournament for the first time in 36 years. We finished first in our qualifying division, ahead of the US and Mexico, […]

A Time For Waiting

Today is December first, the beginning of the last month of 2022. Advent season started last Sunday. Despite the liturgical calendar, and that my family has already put up the Christmas tree, it doesn’t feel like Advent to me until we hit December It is a strange time of year. We humans aren’t good at […]

Remembering in 2022

I took time today to remember those Canadians who fought and died for democracy. Two minutes of silence at 11 a.m.isn’t much, but it is gesture with huge symbolic meaning. That sadly seems less fashionable as the years go by. Earlier this week I was walking on the campus of the Royal Military College in […]

Don’t Vote For Me!

Municipal election day in Ontario is today, October 24. When I go to the local polling station I get to choose who I want to represnet me as mayor, councillor and school board trustee. One thing that I won'[t be doing is putting an X next to my own name. I was asked by several […]

Seven-Year Reflection

It seems like it was yesterday. Nerve-wracking doesn’t begin to describe it. Seven years ago today I was at the Ottawa Heart Institute, waiting for my wife to come out of surgery. The doctor had said this was his specialty, that he had done the procedure a thousand times. Never lost a patient. Reassuring yes, […]

Monday’s Random Thought

Looking at the news and thinking. Two weeks after Hurricane Fiona swept through, electric power has not been restored in some parts of Atlantic Canada. In my hometown of Ottawa, a derecho storm in May saw power out for a similar period for some people. In my part of town it was only a little […]

The Joys of Bureaucracy

Changed dental plans. Not a big deal. New plan came into effect on specific date. Went to the dentist on two days after that. Submitted claim. Claim denied. Telephoned to enquire as to why. Simple explanation. Plan went into effect on X date. I had gone to dentist on X plus two days. Asked them […]

Phone Fever

It would probably be a bit extreme to say I hate my new phone. Would deep loathing be appropriate? It is state of the art; I shouldn’t feel this way. But I do. It probably isn’t the phone’s fault. I’m blaming it anyway. When all is said and done, it really isn’t much of an […]