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2019 Survey Results – I

No cat videos. And I don’t know where the car came from. Well, in honesty, no-one mentioned cat videos, but I figure you have YouTube for that. And my daughter’s cat does have fans, though not among people who know the beast. For ten days I asked you for feedback on this blog. I guess […]

Reflecting on Brexit

British politicians are only now it seems discovering that actions have consequences. The chaos surrounding the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union is simply because childhood lessons have been ignored by those who should know better. I understand the frustration many people (in many European countries) have with the EU. I agree […]

One Last Time

For the past week or so I have been asking your your feedback in the form of a short, six-question, survey about this blog. If you have already taken it, thank you. Today is your last chance to participate. You can only fill it out one time per reader, a policy designed to stop the […]

Yesterday’s Post is Only A Day Late

(Time is running out. If you haven’t had a chance yet to answer my mini-survey about this blog, click here. It won’t take long, and your feedback will help me decide what I should be posting here.) My computer decided to cooperate for today. Mind you, I have forgotten what I planned to say yesterday, but […]

Don’t You Love Computers?

Today’s post is photo dependent – and for some reason the photos aren’t uploading to this site. So instead of some pictures of a picturesque town you’ve never heard of before, you instead get this mini-rant. How do I know you’ve never heard of the town? I’m just guessing – we discovered it be accident […]


A photo essay for you today. These sculptures caught my eye outside the Mesmer Gallery in Riegel when we visited last July to see the Dali exhibition they had at the time. I figured you would like something colorful for this grey winter day. (If you haven’t had a chance yet to answer my mini-survey […]

Is The Soup Ready?

Pretty much everyone  has a mobile phone these days, which means pretty much everyone is carrying a camera, often with video capabilities. That means you can record what you see for posterity if you are so inclined. YouTube is filled with millions of videos taken on cell phones by people who wanted to preserve the […]