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Sunday Afternoon Walk

Went for a walk yesterday in the area of Schloss Bürgeln, which is near Schlingen in southern Germany. Less than a half hour drive from Müllheim, which was our starting point as we went straight from church. If I had been thinking I would have taken more pictures. Too busy enjoying myself I guess. Still, […]

Your Sunday Quote

First Reflections on Delta

Passion and fear. Fear and passion. Twin emotions that permeate Delta, the new album from Mumford & Sons, which is released today. Marcus Mumford and his bandmates have produced a sonic tour-de-force that will take multiple listens to unveil the depths of the lyrical exploration into the human condition. For someone like me, far more […]

Lonely People

As an introvert, I try my best not to overload on people contact. I need space and solitude. I’ve come to the realization that is one of the reasons why learning German is difficult for me. It is not just that the language is hard, but I was also thrown into a classroom with a […]

Visions of Sunset

Another walk through the vineyards at dusk. I may live in the middle of nowhere – but it is beautiful.

What Is This?

I was in a hurry, and didn’t think to ask. The cashier handed me this piece of red plastic with my credit card receipt. I had assumed it was for the shopping cart – most of the stores around here have carts when you have to insert a coin to release the cart from the […]

Classy Move

Last night (my time) I was watching a Canadian Football League playoff game between the Hamilton Tiger Cats and British Columbia Lions. No matter the outcome, some feline was going to win. It was a 1 p.m. start in Hamilton, which made it 10 a.m. for fans watching in British Columbia. It was Remembrance Day, […]