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Triberg – V

Given that it is Sunday, a photo essay today, St. Mary in the Firs Church in Triberg. As churches in this area go, this one is brand new, the building being constructed in the 18th century. The location though has been a pilgrimage site, associated with healing, since 1644. I’m not going to delve into […]

Triberg – IV

There are several hiking trails leading to the Triberg waterfalls. Near as I could figure out, you might be able to walk part of them without paying the admission price for the falls. That means of course that you don’t get to see the falls, but sometimes just being in a forest is enough. And […]

Triberg – III

Today more pictures of the waterfall in Triberg, Germany. I leave it to you to decide if the view is worth the five-euro admission price. More from Triberg tomorrow, though I haven’t decided yet if it will be pictures from the hiking trails or shots taken around town. Stay tuned for further details…  

Triberg – II

As I begin to go through my pictures of Germany’s highest waterfall in the Black Forest village of Triberg, I have come to the conclusion there are lots of nice ones to share. So today, and tomorrow, and maybe even the next day I am going to do just that. Yes, I could post them […]

Triberg – I

As I paid the entrance fee it hit home. It was the first time my wife, my children and I had all been in Europe at the same time. The only person missing was my daughter-in-law, who couldn’t get the time off work. We have done very few tourist outings in our first ten months […]

At The ATM – Cultural Differences XIV

I”m not sure this belongs with the occasional cultural differences series I have been doing from time to time to show differences between Germany/Europe and Canada/North America. Maybe it is just an automation thing. In Canada, when I go to withdraw money from an automated teller at my bank (or any other institution I have […]

One Last Dali

There weren’t many sculptures in the Salvador Dali exhibit at the Messmer Gallery in Riegel, just the “Space Elephant” and a couple of others. You can probably figure out which one is the elephant.