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White Pumpkins?

Pumpkins are orange. Always have been, and I thought they always would be. Imagine my surprise to discover that in my year away from Canada there have apparently been some new varieties of pumpkins cultivated. Multi-hued ones caught my eye, but the ones that really stood out are the solid white ones. As a traditionalist […]

Meet The New Cat

My mother had a birthday recently, and my siblings and I pooled our resources and got her a new cat. I think it was a surprise, even though my cousins had given her sister a cat for her birthday a couple of months back. Both women are living in seniors’ residences, which have a no […]

St. Peter in the Black Forest II

Following up on yesterday’s post, more pictures from the church.

St. Peter in the Black Forest

With only a few days left in Canada I have been rather remiss about posting in this space. So many things to do before we leave, and it seems there is never enough time. I have several new posts bubbling in my head but haven’t gotten around yet to putting pen to paper (so to […]


You have to wonder why no-one noticed that these signs really don’t belong together. At least I hope they don’t.

Back to Mer Bleue

Spent some time yesterday on a family outing in Ottawa’s urban forest, walking the trails in the Mer Bleue area. I had my phone with me, but didn’t take any pictures, figuring I have been here so many times before there was no reason to add to the photo collection. Instead I am re-posting something […]

They Called Again!

I guess my not being in the country for a year has lulled telemarketers into a sense of complacency. When I was working yesterday afternoon the phone rang. It was a very poor connection from wherever in India the young man was calling, and I really didn’t hear what he was calling about. But I […]