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Mixed Message

Walking down the street Thursday, I came across this banner on a house around the corner. I was drawn to it because it is in English – and no-one in Sulzburg really speaks English. But I can’t figure out what the message is supposed to be. Are we being urged to leave no-one behind? Or […]

Could You Do This?

We live in a world of social isolation, yet at the same time people are interconnected like never before. I certainly discovered that this past week. My wife’s birthday was nothing like originally planned. I had expected a weekend getaway in France. Out son was flying in for the occasion. Then the pandemic upended things. […]

Hoarders Beware!

I had a post I really wanted to share today, then I looked at the date. Something along the lines of this picture seemed more appropriate. If only this picture were true….

Out For A Walk

In these days of self-isolation, people in our area are still encouraged to get out for fresh air daily. All that is asked is that you stay at least two metres away from other people. Looking out at the vineyards of Castellberg from the Black Forest at the edge of Sulzburg, you can see that […]

What A Party!

Actually this isn’t intended (today anyway) as political or social commentary. It just seemed appropriate given that yesterday was my wife’s birthday, and I threw a surprise party for her. Given that gatherings of more than two people are not allowed in Germany in these days of pandemic and social distancing, it was a bit […]

Murder Most Foul

Somehow it works. The first new music from Bob Dylan in almost a decade is a 17-minute epic that you will want to listen to again and again, with new insights on each listen. “Murder Most Foul” is Dylan’s “American Pie.” Though Don Maclean’s romp through the sixties was lighthearted and fun, this is a […]

Been There, Done That

None of us were around the last time a major pandemic swept across the world. The COVID-19 crisis is not the first such bug, causing huge disruption to the nations of the world. In a way, isn’t  it rather comforting to know that our societies have gotten through this sort of thing before?