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Canadian Tulip Festival 2017 – I

I don’t know how I managed to miss most of The Canadian Tulip Festival this year. My work schedule is such that I knew I should enjoy it now – it will be a few years before I am again in Ottawa in the Spring. Yet here we are. Today is the last day of […]

The Next Prime Minister

A week from today Canadians will find out who will be the new leader of the Conservative Party (and potentially our next Prime Minister). I for one will be thankful that with the vote the email barrage will stop. Our Prime Minister is not elected. He or she is the leader of the party able […]

Baseball in 2017

I did something last night that I would never have dreamed of doing when I was younger. I guess that shows there are changes that come with age. I was at the Ottawa Champions baseball team opening game. I left in the seventh inning. A baseball game takes at least nine innings. The Champions play […]

More Canadian Values

Yesterday’s post on the “Canadian Values” debate prompted an email response from Neil Remington Abramson on the subject. I thought his points were well reasoned, so I asked if I could share them with you, and he graciously consented. Admittedly I haven’t taken the question of immigrants swearing to Canadian values very seriously because we […]

What Are Canadian Values?

There is an ongoing debate in Canada these days over just what constitutes “Canadian values.” The discussion was started by a Conservative Party leadership candidate who suggested potential immigrants be screened with a values test. Needless to say this brought much disdain. There was the suggestion that there was no need to define such values, […]

The Canadian Bandwagon

Canada is a hockey-obsessed nation. That’s ice hockey not the type played on grass. The game was invented here, refined here and the best players still come from here, though the rest of the world now produced excellent players. Hockey is part of our national myth. Americans of my generation can tell you where they […]

Prediction Time

You may have noticed that I have purposely avoided mention of Donald Trump in this space since he was sworn in as President of the United States. For those suffering from Trump Withdrawal Syndrome, this one’s for you. The traditional 100 days by which a President is first judged has passed. Reactions are mixed. His […]