Monthly Archives: January 2021

Snow Angels

Wandering through Sulzburg’s Kurpark in the snowstorm a couple of weeks ago I came across a woman making snow angels. Not something you think of as an adult activity. When I was a child we would make snow angels by lying down in freshly fallen snow and moving our arms and legs. The resulting impression […]

Wagging The Dog

I see in the news that two workers for Canada Post have been suspended for not delivering the mail. They said they disagreed with the journalism found in The Epoch Times and therefore should not have to deliver it. It is easy to sympathize with them. Why should anyone be required to perform work they […]

Following The Rules

One of the reasons Germany has been more successful than some of its neighbors in battling COVID-19 is that Germans are very good at following rules. Even when they defy common sense. There are strict rules in place about how many people can gather together. For example, only one person can visit a household, and […]

The Next Governor General

The job is open, and I want it. Who wouldn’t? It pays $300,000 annually, with housing included. Canada needs a new Governor General, the previous one having resigned under a cloud. On paper she looked great, but there were problems. No need to go into them here. On paper I don’t look anywhere near as […]

Black Forest In Winter II

Took my camera instead of just my phone. And a different trail from the one in the previous post. A day later, there had been more people out – I wasn’t breaking new ground through the snow. In some places I could see that there are cross-county skiers in the area. I wonder how often […]

Black Forest In Winter I

I’ve seen pictures from years gone by, but this was the first time I experienced it myself. In this fashion anyway.  I’ve walked through the Black Forest in winter before, but this month was the first time I was able to do so in snow. Needless to say, it was quite different. I think Sulzburg […]

What If It Doesn’t End?

It doesn’t matter what country they are from or what their political philosophy is. COVID-19 is their worst nightmare. But not in the way you might think. Very few politicians worldwide have dealt with the pandemic with any degree of competence. At least that is the way it looks from my vantage point, and I […]

Along The Path

I’ve read about a time when parts of Canada were religiously divided, Protestant and Catholic, with not much interaction between them. Religion, especially in rural areas, played a big part in people’s daily lives. There were traces of that when I lived in the Ottawa Valley in the late 1980s. I remember being told that […]

First Snow

“Take your boots back to Canada,” my wife told me in November. “You are never going to use them here.” The winter boots are an ongoing joke. I bought them in the fall of 2017, making sure I was prepared for the winter all my German friends assured me was coming. Except it didn’t. Throughout […]

Walking The Dog

What would you do for love? Would you let your spouse lead you around on a leash? In public? That was what a Quebec couple did earlier this month. Police were not amused. The couple were ticketed and fined – $1,546 dollars. It wasn’t the leash that was the problem. Or even that the woman […]