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Waiting For A Plane XVI – Ottawa

In 2015 I wound up taking a couple of trips to Iraq and spent a lot of time in airports. I shared my thoughts on those trips with you in a series of posts. I managed to get through 2016 with my feet firmly planted on the ground, but it looks like I’ll be collecting […]

Maybe This Will Work

Heading back to work this morning after two weeks out of the office.

St. Bene’t’s Church

No, that is not a typo. It really is spelled that way. If you want to know why you can click here. The sign outside said it was the oldest church in Cambridge. I like old churches (and young churches), so went inside. There is something special about being in a place where Christians have […]

Welcome to Saturday

I plan to spend the day recovering from jet lag and doing all the chores I didn’t get done because I was away from home for 12 days. In theory I was too tired last night to finish any of my half-written posts from the trip. I say “in theory” because I am writing this […]

And The Oscar Goes To…

They hand out the Oscars on Sunday. For the 50th straight year or so I will forego the pleasure of watching the telecast. I didn’t bother watching most of the movies either. However I did recently see Toni Erdmann, which has been nominated for Best Foreign Film. It’s the only nominee in that category that […]

Hot Dog!

French Canadians jealously guard their language from Anglo inclusions. Their French cousins have a more laissez-faire attitude towards English. Or maybe they are just lazy. I grew up in Quebec, where a weekend was fin de semaine, parking was stationnement, stop was arret and a hot dog was a chien chaud. Even new words, like […]

Drinking At The Eagle

I was in Cambridge and reading a history of Christianity in England that was part of a display in The Round Church (more on that place at a future date). The panel on the 18th and 19th centuries mentioned William Wilberforce and his accomplishments. When he was a student at Cambridge, in 1777, Wilberforce it […]

Politically Incorrect

Sweden’s royal family has its armour and weapons on display, but there isn’t all that much to see. Sweden has been officially neutral for a couple of centuries, and kings and princes don’t go into battle anymore anyway. Except perhaps for the British. ‎So I guess it is not surprising there is a children’s clothing […]

Stuart Mclean, R.I.P.

I wanted to post this Thursday when I heard‎ the news of Stuart Mclean’s death. People were talking about it, and I wanted in on the conversation. When I travel though, Internet access isn’t always immediate, so I decided it would have to wait until today. It was the news no-one wanted to hear, though […]

Thoughts on Martin Scorsese’s “Silence”

It bombed at the box office, which didn’t surprise me. I saw it a couple of weeks ago at the tail-end of its theatre run, and have thought for a while about what I want to say about it. It is not your usual Hollywood fare, far too serious at a time when America is […]