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Is He Gone Yet?

He was supposed to leave last night. If he’s gone I can have my city back. US President Barack Obama was here yesterday. It wasn’t his first visit, but it will probably be his last, for which I for one am thankful. I dislike Presidential visits no matter who occupies the Oval Office because, for […]

Boxed Water

It’s supposed to be more environmentally friendly – but I just saw it as a great marketing gimmick. I was at a function a couple of weeks ago where I was given a box of water with my meal. To me bottled water always has a plastic taste. I tend to avoid it unless I […]

Brexit, Trump and Clinton II

Democratic Party strategists were probably quite enthusiastic as they analyzed the returns from Thursday’s Brexit vote. The result was not what they expected, but the demographics, when translated into an American context, would seem to bode well for Hillary Clinton’s team. Their theory would be that progressive Americans are located in the more liberally minded […]

Brexit, Trump and Clinton I

They hadn’t finished counting the votes before the pundits were weighing in on what the Brexit vote meant to the Trump presidential campaign. I stared at the television and yelled that they were wrong. The decision by British voters to have the United Kingdom withdraw from the European Union has worldwide implications. Most of those […]


Normally my posts are rather verbose, but the past two days were just pictures. That’s because I spent the past couple of days in Kingston, Ontario, with my wife as we celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. No time to write, no time to post, though we did take in a few sights that I will […]

The Modern Translation

Friday’s Words of Wisdom