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More Fleas

Another Flohmarkt (flea market) is being held today in Sulzburg. As I post this, it has about five hours left to run.  We just had one about a month ago, and I have a story to tell from that one, I think on Monday.  It’s not something I have been putting off but rather something […]

Shopping German Style (Cultural Differences XIII)

About 25 years ago, maybe a little more, Canadians began changing the way they shopped. In some ways they were just catching up to Europe. The change was not in what we purchased or when we went to the store, but rather in how we took the goods we bought home. As paper bags had […]

A National Disaster

No rioting in the streets – Germans are too stunned for that. For the first time ever, the country’s football team has been eliminated in the opening round of the World Cup. It is tough for North Americans to understand just how big a deal that is. When I was growing up soccer, or football […]

Always On Vacation

My classmates didn’t believe the words printed in our textbook. They had to ask me: “is this true?” I assured them it was. Part of language lessons is imparting knowledge that will be useful as you integrate into a new society. Vacations are part of that, which means we had a page focusing on German […]

The View From Abroad

German class. Seventeen students from 14 different countries. Apparently, there is one that most of us have in common, aside from our inability to communicate in German. I don’t know how we got on to the topic, but it seems most of the class is thoroughly convinced that Donald Trump is an idiot. From that […]

Another Black Forest Walk

Sunday afternoon we took a walk through the forest outside Sulzburg in the direction of Bad Sulzburg. At one point there was a ramp down into the stream which runs alongside the path. I should know the name of the stream. It is the same one that runs past our apartment and through the village. […]


There seem to be water fountains everywhere I go in Germany. Usually attached to what was probably a trough to allow horses to drink. And a sign that says “kein Trinkwasser,” which means you shouldn’t drink it. I figure there’s probably nothing wrong with the water, but the pipes are probably old and lead. A […]

Must Be Saturday

There is no post today. You are just imagining that you are reading this. Today’s scheduled post was hijacked by circumstances. The details might fall into the “too much information” category, so I won’t burden you with them. Traveling, family commitments, laziness – it could be any, all or none of these. However, I don’t […]

You Have Been Warned

Might want to share this with others even if you don’t have a blog.

Black Forest Ramble – XII

Do you see it? Along the Lebensweg in the Black Forest above St. Ulrich, I came across this rock formation. I can’t decide if it looks more like a dog or a lion. Or maybe it is just a rock. What do you see?