I saw a news report about foreign interference in the Canadian federal election. Nobody was making a big fuss about it. Maybe that is because it was American interference. If the situation was reversed, there would have been howls south of the border. Apparently it is different though when it is Americans who are doing […]

Last week Canadians watch those who would be Prime Minister debate the issues live on national television. There really wasn’t much debate. The consensus of the people I talked with afterward was that it was more a recitation of talking points mixed with personal attacks. None of the leaders really came across as leaders. Is […]

Due to some computer issues, I’m re-posting this from 2015. It is Thanksgiving Day in Canada today. I was going to give you a list of things I am thankful for, but I’m really not a list-maker, or at least not today. I could have shown you some pictures of the walk my wife and […]

Some things have a profound affect on you. Such as when the doctor tells you that you need surgery, and without it you will die prematurely. That may be why I have posted this before, I think this is the fourth time since my wife had heart surgery on October 13, 2015. That day and […]

It is Saturday. Election day in Canada is nine days away. Unless you are voting early. My son suggested we go vote as a family today. He won’t be in the country on October 21, so he has to vote early or not vote. For hi this is a simple election. He made up his […]

I understand the reasoning, but I still don’t like it. I don’t expect I will ever like it. Went to the local junior hockey game Wednesday, first time in a number of years that I have done so. For those who aren’t hockey fans, “junior” is players aged 16-20. In Canada those playing junior hockey are […]

It is a hot election topic, and not just in Canada. Donald Trump expects to ride it to victory in 2020. It led to Angela Merkel’s decision not to seek another term as Chancellor of Germany. It fueled Brexit. But does anyone really understand immigration? It is a political hot potato in Canada’s fall election. […]