You’ve probably never heard of Mark Lee, which means you are unlikely to read this book. Hurt Road is for the fans who know that Lee is the founder and guitarist for the rock band Third Day. When I think of Third Day, I think of Mac Powell, whose distinctive voice gives the band their […]

I found these in front of a store just outside the town of Laufen, which is about a half hour walk from home. They are the calling card I guess you could say for a local furniture and woodworking shop. I’m not sure if they are for sale, or just for decoration – I had […]

In Stephen R. Donaldson’s latest novel, there are six “decimates,” supernatural powers that can be used for good or evil. The sorcerers of Amika and Belleger have employed their decimates for centuries in a war that is unending. Both sides are looking for something that will give them an edge, deliver victory and bring peace. […]

I may have mentioned from time to time that I am a big fan of public transit. It provides economical transportation, is relatively reliable and is environmentally friendly.  Because I am a fan, and also because we have no vehicle, I have been learning the intricacies of the local transit system. Well, maybe intricacies is […]

I didn’t buy this toilet paper I saw in a German grocery store, but I did admire whatever marketing guru came up with the brand name. I do wonder how many Germans get the joke.

I can’t decide if I would have gone to the game if I had been in Ottawa. Playoff football is appealing, but cold. It was sunny in Ottawa yesterday, three degrees Celsius at game time. July is a much better time to be outdoors in a sometimes-windy stadium. Being thousands of miles away on another […]

Worry is a natural human emotion. Worrying about the future seems to be something a lot of us do. But is that necessary? Or healthy? One of the reasons we worry is that we doubt our abilities and God’s ability to use them. We lack trust perhaps, or fail to understand the potential we have. […]