It’s been nine years since I was last here, but this airport looks oddly familiar. Or maybe all airports look the same, especially at 6 a.m. To get here we took a city bus at 5, followed by the airport shuttle. We’re early, but I like to leave wiggle room before a flight. All you […]

    Of course you have to know before you pick up the phone that it is a telemarketer – which can be difficult, even with call display. I worked in radio for years – when I answered the phone that way it was true. Strangely enough, while I recall the odd solicitation on the […]

I’ve been hearing about the weather in Canada; doesn’t sound like Spring is coming anytime soon. Is this when I start to feel guilty about living in Germany? I’m writing this Tuesday on my bus in to German class. I’m feeling decidedly unmotivated. Nothing wrong with the class, but it is 25 Celsius (that’s 77 […]

I took a fair number of pictures as Sulzburg unveiled its new fire truck (see yesterday’s post). Since shiny red vehicles are always fun, I thought a photo essay was in order today. There was a wide range  of fire fighting and emergency vehicles, including a snowmobile type with a sled behind it that I […]

  The posters had been up around town for a couple of weeks advertising “Blaulicht Tag” which even I know means Blue Light Day. This isn’t K-Mart; Sulzburg was getting a new fire truck and it was cause for celebration. It was only after the fact my wife told me that the new truck wasn’t […]

I have never been able to figure out the appeal of this place. My wife says it is because there are no places to sit in Rome. For some reason it is a must-see for tourists. Certainly it draws a lot of people. Sitting on the Spanish Steps, you can get a good view of […]

For me, one of the appeals of Sulzburg is the miniature golf course behind the city square. In an area sorely lacking in entertainment alternatives, the free course is a nice perk.  Of course, the problem with free is that you get what you pay for. The course is in sad shape – I figure […]