One of the things I have missed during my stay in Germany is the telephone scammers. I don’t know if it is because Germans are too smart to be taken in, or the crooks don’t speak the language, but in four years I haven’t received one call from a dubious person trying to separate me […]

Yesterday I asked you to identify what the wooden log with the notches was for. Today we know: it is a bicycle rack. Had you figured it out?

I came across this log lying on the ground with what appears to be notches cut into it. But why? The bark has been removed, the branches trimmed and it was just lying there. For what purpose? I’m curious to see if you can figure it out. I’m not sure if these are really clues, […]

It’s not an official holiday, but today is indeed Mothers’ Day in both Canada and Germany. Elsewhere too I presume. For me, it is only the second May since my mother’s death, so the day stirs up conflicting emotions. Normally I would be calling my mother, given that she would have been in Canada and […]

After more than a hundred days of the Biden presidency, Donald Trump seems like a faded memory. Or perhaps a nightmare we have all woken up from. It is amazing how quiet he has been since his banning back in January by the social media platforms he was using. Maybe traditional media is finding things […]

It seemed simple enough, especially in the US, where the populace is politically divided and everyone has an opinion. Build workplace harmony by banning political discussion. That’s what they did at software company Basecamp. Employees at the water cooler could still argue religion or the merits of their favorite sports team – only politics was verboten. […]

Saw these dandelions growing at the edge of a vineyard yesterday. Given their location, I guess they are just as much weeds here are they are in Canada. Which is strange when you think about it. People eat the greens and drink a wine made out of dandelion – why does this flower fall into […]

I had decided to skip the anniversary this year, to not re-post anything about the 1970 Kent State killings. Then last night I changed my mind. The deaths of four student protestors at Kent State University in Ohio, USA, at the hands of the American National Guard on May 4, 1970, changed me. More than […]

Who knew it was against the law? Good thing I’m not French. These days I work from home, so I don’t eat my lunch at my desk. When I’m hungry I walk down the hall to the kitchen, make my self something to eat and sit at the dining room table. But when I worked […]

There was a break in the clouds before church this morning, so I dashed out and grabbed a quick photo of the maypole in the market square. Seems a little hazy to me – and the rain started up again right afterward. It’s a sign of spring that I remember from children’s stories of my […]