Today would be my father’s 95th birthday. Instead it is the tenth anniversary of his death. A day of mixed emotions. It somehow seemed fitting that he died on his birthday. It gave a feeling of completion to his life. Given that his father died at age 56, my dad had never expected to reach […]

I tend not to give writing tips on this site. Some people have suggested I should, but there are plenty of writing resources on the internet, so there is no need to add my perspective. Plus, I figure if you aren’t paying for it you will probably ignore it. But I couldn’t resist sharing this […]

Do you know who this is? I thought I would do a travel post today, even though no-one is traveling. We can still hope and dream. When I opened a photo file, this face came up. Since there is no cost to a digital image, I always try to take a picture of the caption […]

Some more humor for you as the never-ending pandemic drags on. I’m not sure if it is getting tough to find COVID-19 jokes that make me laugh, or if I am losing my sense of humor. Can anyone tell me how April 2021 is different from April 2020? We’re still wearing masks, still can’t go […]

If you live where the Monday after Easter is a holiday, this might feel more like a Monday. You’ve got that mild apprehension of getting back to work after a few days off, knowing there’s bound to be something that has cropped up that you really don’t want to deal with. I figured a little […]

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it is really only a year. Can you believe that? A year ago, if you purchased a sausage on a bun at the Freiburg Market you had the choice of mustard, ketchup or curry sauce condiments. After you were given your sausage by the vendor you grabbed a […]

So here we are again. Didn’t they tell us last year was a one-time event? But let’s not go down that rabbit hole, or at least not today. We may be in the middle of an apparently unending global pandemic, but there are some universal truths that still remain. The biggest is that which we […]

Sometimes you have to fight back. Sometimes you have to say “enough is enough.” The virus that just won’t go away has stymied politicians as they attempt to deal with a public health “crisis” that just doesn’t seem that urgent after a year. We’ve gotten used to COVID-19 and government interference in our lives, both […]

I’ve shared this song with you before, but it has been six years and warrants another listen. Easter songs are full of joy. On Good Friday there’s a different feel. We know today that joy is indeed on the way, but it is still a somber occasion. So many of the lines from this song […]

I had another post planned for today, but decided to go with this one instead, borrowed from a friend’s Facebook page. I’d had a hard day with multiple IT issues (some still unresolved) and I needed the chuckle.