If you suspect today’s image is designed to distract you from realizing that I didn’t provide you with my usual lengthy insights on life, the universe and everything, you are correct. I couldn’t make up my mind what to post today, and decided to keep it light rather than provide with with deep insights into […]

Imagine being a high school basketball coach, with expectations of a championship season. Then, due to economic upheaval, almost your whole team moves away. You are re-assigned to coach track and field, a team that consists of one asthmatic runner. What do you do? Such is the premise of Overcomer, the latest film from the […]

I wasn’t there. I’ve always regretted that. It would have produced some epic memories. In August 1969 the big cultural event was Woodstock., a mammoth music festival happening just a couple hour’s drive from my home in Montreal. I didn’t even ask my parent’s if I could go. I knew the answer was “no.” There […]

I’m confused. Again. And puzzling over the misuse of the English language by a well-known Canadian politician. Canada’s Prime Minister has (again) been found by the Ethics Commissioner to have broken the law. I’m sure that’s not something he wanted to have happen a couple of weeks before the official start of the 2019 federal […]

Would you sacrifice your reputation to be in the news? I was wondering that when I saw an article on how Chase, an American bank, is winding up Canadian operations. They have forgiven all outstanding credit card debt. (Sorry to my American friends, this offer is good only in Canada.) From a business perspective, this […]

My wife wanted to go on an excursion, someplace we hadn’t been before. Someone suggested Schluchsee, a place I had never heard of. You probably haven’t either, unless you are German. If you are a foreigner visiting the area in which we live, chances are you have been to Titisee. That town has a beautiful […]

  Vacation. It’s a magical word. A time for rest and relaxation (for the most part), for re-connection with God and man. In my case, a trip to the Atlantic Ocean in Maine on the American East Coast. For me this is one of the few places where I can place the cares of the […]