There has been a lot of bad publicity for airlines recently. Every day it seems there is a news story about someone who has missed a flight because of airline overbooking. There have been many well publicized American incidents, but the Canadian ones are just as compelling. Even the airline that advertises that it never […]

I saw this in a friend’s Twitter feed and couldn’t resist passing it along. Good advice from an eating perspective. Not so good if you have weight issues. Therefore I have to advise you: Professional eater on closed course. Do not try this at home.

The best seller at the U2 concert last Friday at the Rogers Centre in Toronto was one of The Joshua Tree tour t-shirts that showcased how an old song can remain relevant today. As music fans know, the album opens with the song “Where The Streets Have No Name.” The opening lines of the song […]

I am a Frank Peretti fan. He is not a great writer, but he is a phenomenal storyteller. So I was eager to get my hands on his latest novel, even if it wasn’t a solo effort but rather a collaboration with three other authors, Bill Meyers, Angela Hunt and Alton Gansky. I had heard […]

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has struck a blow for freedom. No longer will students attending the province’s Roman Catholic schools have to study religion. Ontario has a two track publicly funded education system. You have your choice of the taxpayer-funded public (non-religious) and Catholic schools. You can also pay big dollars and send your […]

Some thoughts from last year’s Ottawa Bluesfest for you today. The Lumineers are performing tonight in Toronto, opening up for U2. I saw them last summer and was, as you will see below, intrigued by the interaction between band and audience. I thought it appropriate to repeat those observations today, and I am kind of […]

I had a piece of biting social commentary all set to go for today. Then I remembered that I had a social commentary post yesterday. I don’t want to be serious two days in a row, or not this week anyway. So instead three photos I snapped with my phone back in February on the […]