These photos jumped out at me when I was looking for something else yesterday. I took them three years ago, early March 2020. I had volunteered to help friends who were remodeling a business space in Kandern, Germany, turning it into a coffee shop. As always with renovations, there are surprises, things that put you […]


Do rock and roll bands have DNA? And if so, how is the ancestry traced? When does the connection become so remote as to make the band a completely different creature? I went to see Trooper last month. I remember buying their first album, sound unheard back in 1975, because it had been produced by […]

From 2018… Today a photo essay, just some of the pictures I took last Sunday at Sulzburg’s annual Weckensonntag event. I’ve been considering the differences between this very local festival and the much larger Fastnacht which is observed throughout the Black Forest.   Fastnacht is bigger and more colourful, but having seen it once I have […]

When I think about it, my experience with this unique festival was rather limited. I was captivated by it our first year in Sulzburg, 2018. I missed the 2019 festival becasue we were traveling, though at the moment I can’t remember where. Greece maybe. In 2020 and 2021 the festival was canceled due to the […]

I was feeling uneasy today, a sense of FOMO – fear of missing out. Then I realized what it was. I am missing out. Tomorrow is Weckensonntag, and I won’t be in Sulzburg. So for teh next couple of days we are going to revisit 2018 when I first discovered this unique local festival. Our […]

“I can go back to my constituency and tell people, first of all, I’m white, I’m of Dutch descent…Obviously I am not working for China.”  She doesn’t get it. Which is probably part of the problem. Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld told a House of Commons committee that she is safe from people thinking she has […]

The prime minister was outraged and has ordered officials to get to the bottom of this. News reports, based on leaked security documents, allege the government of the People’s Republic of China actively interfered in recent Canadian elections, with the aim of defeating Conservative Party candidates and electing Liberals. The prime minister finds this very […]

For eleven hours Tuesday the Liberals pretended she didn’t exist. At least not for the purpose of answering questions on what she knew and when she knew it. The government is desperately filibustering a House of Commons committee that wants the Prime Minister’s chief of staff to answer questions about foreign interference in Canada’s electoral […]

I’ll admit it, I am too lazy to finish a post for today. Or too busy doing other things. I’ll let you decide which. But I figured I should provide you with an opportunity to laugh – even if I am making you read the jokes.

I thought I would wait until later in the day to do a Monday humor post. Most of us have finished work by now, and maybe you need something to make you smile. Even if it isn’t a need, I hope you get a chuckle from these images. Some Mondays feel that way, don’t they?