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If it was the musical Godspell that inspired me that contemporary music could be used to present a Christian narrative, then it was the Edwin Hawkins update of the classic hymn, “Oh Happy Day” which convinced me as a young kid that a Christian message in music could have…

At least, I think these are sunflowers. Came across an unharvested field planted in the middle of a vineyard. I have no idea why someone would take the trouble to plant and not harvest, unless perhaps the flowers encourage the bees and bees are necessary for growing grapes. Sheer conjecture on my part. These definitely […]

I talked about the Cathedral yesterday. Today I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  

It was a grey Saturday when we were in Freiburg last month, but we visited the cathedral anyway. I’m not sure if that was the right move. Certainly the building is impressive from a distance, and just as impressive up close, even surrounded by the stalls of the Saturday farmers’ market. Inside though it felt […]

It was a quick visit to Freiburg and we decided to climb the hill, Schlossburg, inĀ  the centre of the city. In the Spring we’ll go back and explore, as we didn’t see the lake or any of the ruins I read about online. It was just a nice place for a Winter walk with […]

It’s not me. But to keep peace in the family I’m not going to say who it is. Maybe it is you.

Went for a short walk yesterday and noticed it was Christmas tree pickup day. I guess that, not Epiphany, signifies the real end to the Christmas season. In Ottawa disposing of a Christmas tree is a casual affair. Yard trimmings are accepted every week (unlike garbage which is collected every second week). In Sulzburg, if […]