As I paid the entrance fee it hit home. It was the first time my wife, my children and I had all been in Europe at the same time. The only person missing was my daughter-in-law, who couldn’t get the time off work. We have done very few tourist outings in our first ten months […]

I”m not sure this belongs with the occasional cultural differences series I have been doing from time to time to show differences between Germany/Europe and Canada/North America. Maybe it is just an automation thing. In Canada, when I go to withdraw money from an automated teller at my bank (or any other institution I have […]

There weren’t many sculptures in the Salvador Dali exhibit at the Messmer Gallery in Riegel, just the “Space Elephant” and a couple of others. You can probably figure out which one is the elephant.

As promised yesterday, a few more photos taken at the Salvador Dali exhibit at the Messmer Gallery in Riegel, Germany. Clicking on an image should enlarge it. I have lots more photos, but think this will be it for the prints. Tomorrow a couple of the sculptures.

It’s a cliché to say, “I may not know much about art, but I know what I like.” In my case it’s not completely true either. I’m no art expert, but over the years I have accumulated a fair bit of knowledge. Having some friends who paint for a living probably helps – we all […]

Pretty much everyone in North America knows peperoni, that mildly spicy Italian sausage that is the first meat you would add to a pizza. I usually take my pizza with just sauce and cheese, but if I want a little variety, I ask for pepperoni. But not in Germany. What a difference a “p” makes. […]

Yesterday afternoon I was walking from Heitersheim to Sulzburg, and noting how quickly the corn is growing. It looks like it will be ready for harvest soon. As someone who loves to eat fresh corn on the cob it was a frustrating experience. I know that this corn is not meant for human consumption. Unlike […]