Decluttering is such an ugly word. But it has to be done. I may have mentioned that I have a passion for the printed word. That’s partly because I have a thirst for knowledge and partly because there is no better entertainment than a good book. There comes a time though when hard choices […]

I am not perfect. This post is proof of that. One of the books I read on the beach in August was The Perfect You by Dr. Caroline Leaf. I wrote a post about it, how reading it was challenging but I thought worthwhile. Somehow that post vanished into cyberspace on my phone. I’d blame […]

Canada is decriminalizing marijuana next year. As of July 1 the entire country can get stoned at will, with drugs purchased in government sanctioned shops. I’m not convinced it is sound policy. Indeed, I think the decision was based not on science, not on evidence of social harm or benefit, but rather on a calculated […]

I don’t have a picture to show you today, much as I wanted to take one. When I’m driving on the highway it isn’t advisable to whip out the phone and take a picture of something happening at the side of the road. That is how accidents happen. Twice on the weekend though, on the […]

I’m not sure if I have an opinion as to who should win, but I am very curious as to the outcome of a recently filed lawsuit here in Ontario. It is a matter of life and death, but also a question of taking responsibility and discovering actions have consequences. A seriously ill man is […]

I downloaded this the same February day in 1998 that I discovered yesterday’s post. At times I do wonder just how much of Jesus’ teaching his followers really understood when they first heard it. So much of it went against the cultural norm (something that remains true for Jesus’ words today. This version of the […]

I thought yesterday’s post might be a bit depressing, so I wanted something lighter for today. In my ongoing purging of junque from my basement I came across this yesterday afternoon. No idea who wrote it, but it has been floating around the Internet for decades, maybe as long as there has been an internet. […]