One of the things I find most appealing about travel is the opportunity to learn new things. You never know what you are going to discover, such as when I looked up information about this statue in downtown Vienna. Wilhelm von Tegetthof, who I had never heard of before, was an admiral in the Austrian […]

  Canada remembers its war dead today, as it does every November 11th. It was on this date in 1918 that the “Great War,” the “War To End All Wars” came to an end. Today we know that the First World War was just the beginning. Most years of the 20th century saw war being […]

  Remembrance Day is tomorrow – in Canada anyway. When we moved to Germany I was surprised to discover that Germans don’t remember their war dead on November 11. Germans will take time to remember next Sunday. Growing up as a Canadian I never thought much about the casualties on the other side. Which made […]

As much of the world celebrates Remembrance Day on Monday, I am re-posting some of my earlier thoughts on the subject. Today’s post comes from 2016. I only know her name, nothing else about her. And where she lived in 1916, a place that I had never heard of before, Manor, Saskatchewan. By 1921 she […]

It is Flashback Friday, with a post from five years ago. Today seemed like a good time to provide a reminder of the Great War. Tonight at 8, for the 29,758th time (31,583rd time in 2019), the Last Post, the traditional salute to fallen warriors, will be played at the Menin gate in Ypres. It’s […]

Woke up to this scene Wednesday morning. A smattering of snow had fallen overnight. I knew it was a possibility at this time of year, but must admit I hadn’t been checking the forecast, so it took me a little by surprise. I expected it all to melt during the day, but some of it […]

I saw this poster in Vienna and was struck by the words, 72 adverbs that describe how individuals stage public protests. It isn’t an exhaustive list. The first thing I noticed was that “violently” wasn’t there, yet that seems increasingly to be a factor in protests around the globe. In many cases there is no […]