Monthly Archives: August 2016

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

I figured an update on a couple of earlier posts might be in order. As you may recall, Canada Post introduced community mailboxes to my neighbourhood just after last October’s federal election. This arguably was the first broken election promise for the new Liberal government, which had promised a moratorium on ending home delivery. A […]

Happy Anniversary To Me!

As I get older I have trouble remembering significant dates. I haven’t forgotten my wife’s birthday yet, or our wedding anniversary, but lesser events I am more likely to be hazy on. Such as the start date for this blog. I had to look it up, and it looks like it started August 30, 2014, […]

Dinner With “The Donald”

The man sends me emails pretty much every day. I usually don’t bother to read them. But this one was different. I’d love to meet you for dinner, Friend. You and a friend could win a trip to have dinner with me at one of our fundraisers as honorary guests. All I’m asking is that […]

Golf For The Average Person

I am not, and have never claimed to be an athlete. Couch potato is more my style, though with a book, not watching television. So it might surprise you to discover that in my teenage years I gave serious consideration to a career as a professional athlete. Mind you, it wasn’t one of those physically […]


Ashley Madison is back in the news. A little more than a year ago, when the adultery dating site was in the news for a couple of weeks I put down some thoughts on the mater but didn’t post them. I had some posts scheduled, and once they had run Ashley Madison had faded from […]

The Bumper Sticker

I was driving, so I couldn’t just whip out a camera and take a picture, no matter how much I wanted to. But driving through New Hampshire, or maybe it was Vermont, I saw Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare. Clinton should win the American presidential election by a landslide. That’s not only conventional political wisdom, it’s […]

Old Orchard Beach Pier III – Fireworks Night

Tonight, like every Thursday night during the summer, fireworks will light the sky over the Old Orchard Beach pier. I was there to watch the past two Thursdays, and today it feels as if I am going through a bit of withdrawal. I have seen more elaborate fireworks. On Parliament Hill to celebrate Canada Day, […]

Old Orchard Beach Pier II – The All American Meal

I can’t believe they have been able to hold the price if the meal steady for 36 years. It didn’t seem overpriced in 1980 and is the bargain of the summer now. They bill it as the “All American Meal” and there used to be a big banner on the side of the pier advertising […]

Old Orchard Beach Pier

It’s been around since 1898, though it has been damaged by fire and storms and is now only about half its original length. The Pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, is a tourist magnet. If you visit the town you just have to walk it from beach end to ocean end. Some sort of compulsion […]


When you vacation in the same place each year some things become ritual. Like sunrises. I try to take a picture of the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean at least once in my two weeks at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I’m a natural early riser, which is a good thing. Vacations are supposed to […]