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Out For A Walk

In these days of self-isolation, people in our area are still encouraged to get out for fresh air daily. All that is asked is that you stay at least two metres away from other people. Looking out at the vineyards of Castellberg from the Black Forest at the edge of Sulzburg, you can see that […]

A Peaceful Place

  In the vineyards above Laufen there is a small hut, a shack, built I suppose as a place for the workers to eat their lunch without the sun beating down on them. Inside are a couple of tables, with benches all around. Inside are also several hundred books. If you want one, feel free […]

Life Goes On

  While some days it seems like the world is falling apart, it really isn’t. “Social distancing” has become the norm in Sulzburg. I don’t know if businesses here are closed – there are so few, and the ones I know are “essential” services, such as the grocery store, bakery and pharmacy. Those are still […]

A Unique Event

Today, the third Sunday before Easter is Weckensonntag in Sulzburg. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all events have been cancelled.  Which is a real shame, since this festival only happens once a year and only one place in the world. Now we have to wait until next year. And I missed it in 2019 because […]

Voice of Tolerance

Sometimes there are little surprises. Ties to history you didn’t realize were there. I was walking along the main street of my wife’s ancestral home town, Lippstadt, in northern Germany. It was there I cam across this bust. I recognized the name, Martin Niemöller. I hadn’t realized he was from Lippstadt. Niemöller was a pastor […]

In The Mail

I was wandering in downtown Bern, the Swiss capital, when I came across this monument commemorating the founding of the Universal Postal Union. It is amazing what is sometimes found to be worthy of public art. Sending something by mail seems almost a forgotten reminder of another era in these days of electronic communication. I […]

More From University Church

Just a few pictures today from University Church, Freiburg. It was not as ornate as I had expected – but you can see the beauty in simplicity.