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Small Town Church

From time to time on a Sunday I share some pictures from a church I have visted on my travels. Today we look at St. George’s Church in Ehrenstetten, Germany. Ehrenstetten is a place you probably have never heard of before. It is like a thousand other small German towns, rich in history but not […]

A Lazy Saturday

Today a series of pictures I first posted on this day in 2015. They are all from my 2014 trip to Brussels, Belgium. I could probably figure out what the buildings are by going back to my photo file, but, as I said, it is a lazy Saturday. If you recognize any, feel free to […]

Greek Theatre – III

It is confession time. I made a mistake a couple of years ago and only realized it this week. I’m not sure whether to blame inattention on my part, or poor signage on the Acropolis. Maybe a bit of both. Turns out that my 2019 post on the Theatre of Dionysos had pictures of the […]

Greek Theatre – II

Just a collage today, more pictures from the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens. Becasue one of these days we are going to be able to travel again, and this might be a fun place for you to visit.

Greek Theatre – I

It is one of those places you wish you could go to take in a concert. Such history – and I imagine the acoustics are great! I have been to thousands of concerts in my lifetime, but offhand I can’t remember seeing any in what would be considered an iconic location. I’ve never been to […]

Christmas All Year Round

How many shopping days left until Christmas? I haven’t a clue. Nor am I going to look it up. But I know where to shop. Back in 2009 I discovered K├Ąthe Wohlfahrt’s Weinachtsdorf (which I think translates into English as “Christmas Village”) in a visite to Rothenburg, Germany. I was impressed enough to snap a […]

Thinking of Travel

I’ve always had an aversion to standing in line. I think that goes back to the Expo ’67 World’s Fair in Montreal. Several of the most popular exhibitions could only be seen if you were willing to stand in line for hours. Which may be fine for an adult who knows what they are going […]

2021 In Review: The Colosseum

Coming in at number seven as we count down the top ten posts of 2021 is this one from March of 2016. If you are ever in the position to visit Rome, this is a must see. I’m hoping to see it again – there’s always something you hadn’t noticed on previous visits. This cross […]

2021 In Review: Hagia Sophia Frescoes

We start our review of 2021 today with the tenth most popular post of the year. It is an enduring favorite since it was first published here in 2015, and in 2020 was the most popular post. Sometimes I can’t figure out why a post becomes popular, but I understand the interest in the Hagia […]

The Christmas Market

When I lived in Germany, I would take in a half dozen Christmas markets each year. I didn’t limit myself to only German ones – I also checked out markets in France and Austria. That of course was pre-pandemic. I’m not sure how many Christmas markets were permitted to operate this year. I know in […]