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Canadian Tulip Festival 2017 – I

I don’t know how I managed to miss most of The Canadian Tulip Festival this year. My work schedule is such that I knew I should enjoy it now – it will be a few years before I am again in Ottawa in the Spring. Yet here we are. Today is the last day of […]

Five Countries, Five Churches

  If you have been following this space for a while, you may have seen this before. I decided today was a good time to repeat an earlier post. This one is from November 23, 2014 and was one of my favourites from that year. Each one of these churches is deserving of its own […]

Bird’s Eye View

Frequent flyers tune out the pre-flight safety instructions. They’ve heard it all before. They know how to fasten their seatbelts. Just how likely is it that the plane will go down? And will those instructions actually help you? The rare times a plane crashes you don’t hear about people being saved because they had their […]

The Friendly Skies

With a title like that, borrowing from the United Airlines slogan, I know you are expecting something about air travel. Not today. Consider the title my version of clickbait. Tuesday morning I noticed, while checking news updates, that the famed Canadian Forces Snowbirds (and their French counterpart, Patrouille de France) would be doing a flypast […]

Kingston Pen – III

As promised, the last of my photo essays on the Kingston Penitentiary. I do have other pictures, but it is time to move on. If I was less lazy I would caption these for you. Most were take in the building that housed the school and the various workshops. You can probably figure out those […]

Kingston Pen – II

More pictures today from the Kingston Penitentiary. I think I will have one last set on Monday – Saturday and Sunday’s posts are already planned.  With the last set a couple of days ago it was suggested that this complex would make an ideal location for luxury condos, given that it is located right on […]

Kingston Pen – I

For the next few days I’m going to give you a glimpse of what we saw when we toured Kingston Penitentiary last summer. It is a massive complex, imposing both inside and out. I don’t think the pictures can really convey the experience, but if you can’t get tickets to see the place yourself, I […]