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York, 306 A.D.

Thought I would give you a throwback post today. This one was first published in September 2014,   York was not on the original summer itinerary. The plan was to go to England’s Lakes District and do some hiking. But by the time we decided that as our final destination the price of accommodations was […]


There’s a hill on the outskirts of Sulzburg that is mostly vineyard, with some trees at the top, and just begging to be climbed. Looks pretty steep, but you don’t go straight up unless you are part mountain goat. The vineyard paths will get you to the top, eventually. I have joked on occasion that […]

Sunday Afternoon in the Black Forest

I looked at the bridge and said to myself, “I’ve taken a picture of that before.” Back in October we walked from Badenweiler, where we were living temporarily, to Britzingen. It seemed like a lot of uphill, though it is only a three kilometre journey, more or less. This past Sunday we walked from Sulzburg […]

The Cover Charge

Judging from the signs I have seen, “flohmarkten” (flea markets) are a big deal in this part of southern Germany. Every weekend there seems to be one in a different town and everybody seems to go them. Maybe that is because there isn’t much else to do around here except walk in the Black Forest. […]

More from St. Ilgen

Just a few more pictures today of the church in St. Ilgen, Germany.  

The Church in St. Ilgen

The town has a population of about 90, while the church looks like it will hold at least twice that number. I don’t know if that means the town is shrinking or whether the builders were optimistic. It was 16 Celsius and sunny when we walked to St. Ilgen. At the back of the church […]


There was a party going on, though I never did figure out what the occasion was. It did show me the difference between Canadian and German liquor laws. Actually, I’m not sure if there are German liquor laws. We took the train to Freiburg Sunday morning at 10;30. You would think that at that time […]