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Blue Light Special – II

I took a fair number of pictures as Sulzburg unveiled its new fire truck (see yesterday’s post). Since shiny red vehicles are always fun, I thought a photo essay was in order today. There was a wide range  of fire fighting and emergency vehicles, including a snowmobile type with a sled behind it that I […]

Blue Light Special – I

  The posters had been up around town for a couple of weeks advertising “Blaulicht Tag” which even I know means Blue Light Day. This isn’t K-Mart; Sulzburg was getting a new fire truck and it was cause for celebration. It was only after the fact my wife told me that the new truck wasn’t […]

Sitting On The Spanish Steps

I have never been able to figure out the appeal of this place. My wife says it is because there are no places to sit in Rome. For some reason it is a must-see for tourists. Certainly it draws a lot of people. Sitting on the Spanish Steps, you can get a good view of […]

Community Service

For me, one of the appeals of Sulzburg is the miniature golf course behind the city square. In an area sorely lacking in entertainment alternatives, the free course is a nice perk.  Of course, the problem with free is that you get what you pay for. The course is in sad shape – I figure […]

Smart Car?

I never could see the reason for the Smart Car. It just seems so impractical. Not smart at all. I’m sure it must be ecologically friendly. After all, it barely seats two and has no luggage capacity to speak of. Two bags of groceries is probably more than it has room for. I can see […]

Roman Wildlife

Having lived in Ottawa, I know that it is not uncommon to have to share the city with wild animals. Small ones like skunk, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and geese were all common sights in my front yard. Larger ones, like the deer I hit with my van a block from home, were not seen as […]

Easter In The Square

It seemed somewhat appropriate to head for St. Peter’s Square on Easter morning, even if I am not Roman Catholic. Tradition is important to me, and there is so much history, especially church history, in Rome. I think you could probably attend a different church every Sunday for 20 years and not visit them all. […]