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Inflated Prices

It was a taste of home, almost. Admittedly Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t Tim Hortons, but the products do have similarities. At least I think they do – it must be 20 years since I last had one of their donuts. In Canada there is a Tim Hortons on every street corner, or so it seems. The […]


Went for a walk in the vineyards on the side of Castellberg, just as the sun was setting in the distance. Hadn’t thought to bring my camera, so we have to make do with these shots from my phone. It was a beautiful sight, and sadly I don’t think the pictures really convey that as […]

Liliental – IV (Wanderer)

Came across this sculpture at a lookout on the trail in the Liliental forest. It seems to fit nicely into its environment.  

Liliental – III

Saturday was a perfect day to enjoy the fall colours.

Liliental – II

More images from Saturday’s walk through this forest area.

Liliental – I

Our neighbours suggested a walk in the forest in the Liliental area, about an hour’s drive from Sulzburg. Yesterday was a warm (25C) Autumn day, perfect for such an outing. We weren’t the only ones with that idea. There were hundreds of people on the walking trails, enjoying the fall colours. The change of seasons […]


If the tree is by the side of the road then the nuts are for anyone who wants them. Or so I have been told. Apparently, local municipalities plant walnut trees because they are low maintenance and people can be counted on to do the harvesting. I guess the grocery stores aren’t that thrilled, but […]