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Castle Chapel

I’m not sure if the castle in the spa town of Bad Wurzach has guided tours or is even open to the public. But its chapel is. Having a few minutes before my bus, I dropped by. Today the building houses a school, some apartments and a religious order. In the early 1940s it was […]

Wasn’t That A Party?

Suppose you threw a party, invited everyone you knew, and no-one showed up? What would you do? I didn’t think to ask that on a recent visit to Freiburg. Maybe I should have. This is a big year for the biggest city in my area. Founded in 1100, Freiburg had lots of events planned for […]

Most Valuable Sculpture

What does it say about the internet (and our society) that every reference I can find for this piece mentions it is the most valuable sculpture in Offenburg? Does it have no other significance? I would have thought that content or artistic merit would be more important. But obviously I am wrong. (And admittedly I […]

Harvest Time

A thousand kilos of grapes picked seems to me like a good morning’s work. Mind you, I didn’t do it alone. When you have friends who own a vineyard you can expect to be pressed into service at certain times. Until this year I had never been in Germany for the harvest. Yesterday’s total was […]

What Is This?

When I look online I can see a plate on the base that I presume tells the name of this sculpture, but I must confess I missed it. So I have no idea what this work is called, nor do I know its significance. This colorful piece is found on the grounds of the Tinguely […]

The Witch’s Fountain

I couldn’t puzzle out the meaning of the inscription on this fountain in the southern German town of Waldkirch, but from the figures I can deduce there is a supernatural element. The character on the left is definitely a witch. Witchcraft is a central theme throughout the Black Forest. The Grimm Brothers collected their fairy […]

That Unending War

I am reading a book about the First World War that brought some memories of a trip to Belgium in 2014 and this post from September of that year. A century later, it haunts them still. The last Canadian veteran of the First World War died in 2010, and I would imagine that is pretty […]

Degenerate Art?

You’ve probably said it yourself. “I may not know much about Art, but I know what I like.” I don’t spend much time in art galleries. I come away feeling I haven’t gotten as much out of them as I should. Do you ever feel that way? As if the art experts are part of […]

On The Forest Floor

Noticed this on my walk in the Black Forest this week. I think it is a mushroom, or some sort of fungus. Normally I can be quite oblivious to the flora (and fauna) as I do my daily walk. I know I need fresh air and exercise, so I do it. Too often though I […]

Universal Language

Wandering through downtown Basel, Switzerland, I saw a building with an open door. Given that we were in what appeared to be the university district, I figured it was a school building. Specifically some sort of school of design. it’s not that the building was that impressive, but the corridors had that arty feel, if […]