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Around The Maypole

There was a break in the clouds before church this morning, so I dashed out and grabbed a quick photo of the maypole in the market square. Seems a little hazy to me – and the rain started up again right afterward. It’s a sign of spring that I remember from children’s stories of my […]

Great View At The Top

Time to end the work week with a flashback, some thoughts forma 2015 trip to a most unlikely tourist destination: Iraq. This post was first published in December 2015. The Peshmerga guards ask if we would like some tea. I don’t drink hot drinks, but I know it would be culturally insensitive to refuse such […]

Dreaming Of Athens

One day we will be able to travel again. Where do you want to go then? Athens is high on my list. I was there for half a day in 2019, which is definitely not long enough. I visited the Acropolis, Mars Hill and a museum. I figure I need another week, just to scratch […]

Drawings On The Wall

The urge to draw pictures predates written language, as can be seen in cave drawings in Europe that the experts say date back thousands of years. So it is no surprise to discover that people used to draw on church walls too. Other than the odd mural, which usually isn’t in the sanctuary itself, I […]

Walking Along The Sulzbach

There’s a small stream, the Sulzbach, that runs through Sulzburg, coming out of the Black Forest on its way to the next town. Most of the time I don’t even think about it, though I walk by it daily. I doubt if a tourist has ever made the trek just to see this stream in […]

Uncomfortable Memories

I live in a town haunted by memories. That no-one talks about. At least to me. Sulzburg was once the center of Jewish culture in southern Germany. In the middle of the 19th century, a third of the town of 1,200 was Jewish. There was a synagogue, a rabbinical school, a choral society, a cemetery. […]

Somewhat Famous

Do you know who this is? I thought I would do a travel post today, even though no-one is traveling. We can still hope and dream. When I opened a photo file, this face came up. Since there is no cost to a digital image, I always try to take a picture of the caption […]

Another View

Friends dropped by Monday evening and we weren’t home. So they went for a walk in the hills around Sulzburg, sending pictures as they did. I found it interesting to see what scenes they thought were worthy of preservation. We live in a beautiful area – and sometimes it takes another person’s eyes to remind […]

What Village Is That?

Today is Palm Sunday. Seems like a good time for some church pictures. “What village is that” is a fairly common question my wife of I will ask as we walk though our area of Germany. So many little places in the distance, and in four years there are still a few we haven’t explored. […]

Sweet Stuff

I’m more of a salty snacks person, but even though I wouldn’t want to eat these treats I noticed in a Freiburg café window, I certainly can appreciate the artistry. Which one would you choose? Or would you want to eat them all?