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And Even More From Stein Am Rhein

One last photo set, for now at least, showing the frescoes on the buildings – one of the  principal reasons tourists flock to this Swiss town. Advertisements

More From Stein Am Rhein

A photo post today, pictures of buildings and their frescoes in this quaint Swiss town.  

Stone At The Rhine

If the title of today’s post seems like nonsense, you’re right. But it is the English translation of the name of a picturesque Swiss town. I will admit I had never heard of Stein Am Rhein, a place that I gather is a popular tourist destination. I probably don’t read enough guidebooks. It was a […]

A Place of Pilgrimage II

Just a few photos today from my visit to this beautiful Ottawa church. Something peaceful to start your Monday.

A Place of Pilgrimmage

I have lived in Ottawa most of my life, but it was only this week that I visited Notre Dame Basilica for the first time. Which is not surprising. When you live in a place you have a routine. Things that appeal to tourists aren’t necessarily part of your daily life. You check them out […]

Are You Afraid?

I’ve never had a fear of spiders – which doesn’t mean I like them. That dislike though isn’t arachnophobia, Those who have that unnatural fear are not overly enamored with the sculpture on the plaza in front of Canada’s National Gallery. The giant spider, with its egg sac prominently displayed, is titled “Maman,” which is French […]

The Transformation

I’d never been in the place before, despite it being across the street from our apartment. Respectable people didn’t frequent Pembroke Ontario’s Windsor Tavern. My biggest memory of the  place came from my days as a newspaper reporter on the court beat for The Pembroke Observer. The place was the focus of a domestic assault […]