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More Mundenhof

Who goes to the zoo in the middle of the night? I have no idea – it certainly isn’t me. Freiburg’s Mundenhof is open 24/7 – though I would imagine a visit in the middle of the night might not be too satisfying of you want to see the animals. Most of them would probably […]

The Mundenhof

Went to the zoo last weekend, COVID restrictions being raised enough for that. I could say I was underwhelmed, but that wouldn’t be fair. When my children were younger, we had a membership for the Toronto Zoo. It was a five-hour drive, yet we knew we would visit at least three times in a year, […]

Translation Woes

You don’t see much English on signs where I live. French either, though France is just a few minutes drive away. So it was a little surprising to see a bilingual sign on the fence of the ostrich enclosure at the Mundenhof, the zoo in Freiburg. Warning signs in zoos are not uncommon. Especially ones […]

Virtual Music

The Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels, like most cultural establishments in Europe, is closed these days. Usually about 10,000 people go through every month. COVID-19 has hot the cultural sector as had as any other industry. I wonder if the government supports to help museums, theatres, dance troupes and the like through this time are […]

Don’t Stop The Music!

It’s Saturday, which in theory is a day of rest for many people. Though in these everybody-works-from-home days there may be less of a distinction between times of work and leisure. I’ve been enjoying the daydreaming about travel, something that I still hope will be a reality for me this summer, even though I know […]

Musical Dreams

It’s tough not being able to travel when you want to. And that loss of freedom is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many travel-oriented businesses which will not survive this involuntary shutdown. That might be a topic for another day, maybe once planes start flying again. (I expect those flights to […]

Instruments Everywhere

Do you ever make plans and then forget to follow through? Of course not, only I would do that, right? When I went to post Tuesday’s flashback post from Brussels’ Musical Instruments Museum I thought I would choose photos from several different posts rather than just the ones from the 2014 original. But there weren’t […]