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More Japanese Garden

A photo essay today from the Japanese Garden in Freiburg’s Seepark.

Freiburg’s Japanese Garden

A cloudy February afternoon is probably not the best time to see the beauty of a Japanese garden. I went in anyway. I missed this area nestled on one of the edges of Freiburg’s urban Seepark. Somehow I walked past it a couple of times last summer without it registering on my consciousness. Even in […]

Making a Mark

It occurred to me this morning that I hadn’t done any flashback posts yet in 2020. I do like to post one occasionally, allowing new readers to see some of what they missed. Like this one, which was published five years ago today, February 22, 2015. One of the things I enjoy about vacation is […]

More From Wolf’s Canyon

A photo essay today – each picture worth at least a thousand words – as a follow-up to yesterday’s post. I’m looking forward to sharing this walk with visitors from Canada – and will probably introduce a few Germans to it also.  

Wolf’s Canyon

February is supposed to be cold. Even in southern Germany. Except it wasn’t on the Saturday when my wife and I spent a little bit of time exploring Wolfsschlucht, or Wolf’s Canyon, near Kandern. Not only was it sunny, but it was 18 Celsius. I think it was minus 30 that day in Ottawa. We […]

The Missing Station

Sometimes I get easily confused – but it isn’t always my fault. In those cases I blame the system. Figuring out a new transit system is a challenge, wherever you are living. If you don’t speak the language that’s an additional challenge. If the language is loaded against you, what are you supposed to do? […]

More From The Weinberg

Today mostly photos (and a fireworks video) from last month’s Weinberg in Flammen festival in Britzingen. I must confess I didn’t partake of food or beverage – two of the main attractions. I had forgotten that there was more on offer besides sausage and wine, so I ate before heading to the village. The food […]