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A Local Hero

Ever heard of Johann Peter Hebel? Neither had I. But he has a park named after him in Lorrach. Being curious, I looked him up online once I got home. No wonder I never heard of him. He was a writer, teacher and theologian who wrote in Alemmanic. That’s a local German dialect that I […]

Memory Lapses

When you travel you are confident the memories will stay with you forever. It doesn’t always work that way. Every family has a box of old pictures taken before the digital age. Vacations, friends, relatives – who knows who these people are? Sometimes the names would get written on the back of the print, more […]

Just For Fun

I was looking at old travel photos earlier today, debating if I wanted to share some. I can’t decide if it is a good idea. In these days of travel restrictions it seems a little cruel to talk about places we can’t visit. Yet at the same time they bring back good memories and warm […]

Mobile Phone Blues

Walking through the Black Forest late Monday afternoon between the villages of Muggart and Laufen I realized my phone just doesn’t do what I want it to. An upgrade would seem to be required – but the feature I feel is missing is probably decades away. It isn’t the quality of the camera, as you […]

Replay: The Dark Church

Let’s take a trip back today, to when travel was something people did on a regular basis. Our destination is the Cappadocia region of Turkey and a cave they call the “dark church.” I shared this post with you for the first time in January 2015. They call it “the dark church” because it gets […]

Walking Past History

How many times did I walk past without realizing what I was seeing? Twenty at least, maybe more, though these concrete slabs aren’t part of my usual daily walk. Yesterday my wife asked: “Do you know what those are?” I had to admit I didn’t.  There probably isn’t a German alive who would have said that. […]

The Buckle Church – A Replay

I thought today perhaps we’d take a look back to the days when people could travel, and could attend church services. You remember what this time last year was like? Neither do I. But I did remember this post from six years ago, and thought it would be nice to share again today. Anything free […]

It Seems So Long Ago…

Remember when people gathered to share food and drink and good times together? When we were out in public without masks and not worried about the proximity of others? Do you think it will ever be like that again? The hospitality industry has been devastated by this pandemic. I have seen suggestions that between a […]

On The Way Up (Or Down)

As you can imagine, there is more than one access point to Heidelberg’s Philosopher’s Way. Possibly the most popular is the Schlangenweg or Snake Path. I’m assuming it was named for the wall snakes that are known to the area – but I didn’t see any. Or maybe because it snakes up the hill. In […]

View From The Philosopher’s Way

I’m wondering about the state of our society. About how people perceive what is going on around them. You could say I am waxing philosophical. The Government of Canada recently announced it was going to introduce arbitrary jail terms without trial for selected citizens. Political prisoners in other words. If this had been attempted a […]