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This post has vanished twice as I wrote it, so you are getting the short version. There was a storm, some pieces of driftwood washed ashore, someone (not me) created a sculpture. I won’t go into details – they have already vanished into cyberspace. Advertisements

Fireworks Night

Today is Thursday, which for me on this vacation means fireworks. Every Thursday during the summer there is a fireworks display by the pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. With the sound of waves in the background (and noise also from the beach-side amusement park), there is something special about sitting on the sand on […]

Non Sequitur

I’ve seen this sign for 50 years and never understood it. I know what the words mean. But what makes it significant?  When I was younger, I studied some of the poems of Robert Frost. Every school child did. The man was an American icon, rightly celebrated for his way with words. I don’t remember though […]

Waiting For A Plane XXXI – Basel

I had thought to kill this series after the 30th installment – but continuing it saves me the effort of coming up with a new title for airport-related posts. Strictly speaking, by the time I took these pictures we were no longer waiting for a plane – the flight had already been cancelled. Which gave […]

Sad Sunflowers

A week ago today I flew back from Germany to Canada. Except I didn’t. It is a rather lengthy saga of a 42-hour voyage that saw me, after 24 hours of travel, 100 kilometers further from my destination than when I started.   The tale bears telling, and will indeed be told here, but before I […]


(Originally posted August 22, 2016) When you vacation in the same place each year some things become ritual. Like sunrises. I try to take a picture of the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean at least once in my two weeks at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I’m a natural early riser, which is a good […]

Language Issues

(Originally published August 29, 2015 – and I forgot to ask about the sign the next year.) Canada is a bilingual nation, though in parts of the country that is more theory than fact. When I was younger both England and France were acknowledges as our founding nations, and English and French were our national […]