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Cast Your Vote

They’ve started to unveil the ice sculptures on Sparks Street, part of Winterlude, Ottawa’s winter carnival, which starts Friday. It’s a competition, with the public getting to choose the winner. You can vote if you like. So far this has been Ottawa’s third-warmest winter on record, but just because the Rideau canal is still closed […]

New Things

Let’s call this Flashback Friday, with this post from eight years ago today. For me travel is about discovery: New places, new things, new people. Vacation is about rest and relaxation. Five countries in four weeks in July 2014 was definitely travel. In Ypres, as I have mentioned, admission to the In Flanders Fields Museum […]

The Red Chamber

The ongoing renovations in Canada’s parliamentary precinct means there has been a certainly amount of shuffling as buildings close and reopen  Canada’s Senate, for example, is now located in the government conference centre, moving there in 2018. The building was a railway station when I first was in it, about 1966. Then it sat empty […]

Things To Come

I’ve been trying to get caught up on current events in Canada, and add my tewo cents worth here, but I have not forgotten that many people are interested in travel posts. I was in Egypt over the Christmas season and I am still mentally processing what I want to say about some of the […]

Travel Chaos

In the United States, Wednesday, more than 10,000 flights were delayed or canceled due to a problem with the Federal Aviation Administration’s computer system. A similar computer glitch in Canada supposedly had no effect on t5ravelers’ plans – maybe because our system is already in chaos. Canada’s Transport Minister is to appear before a House […]

The Food Court

Every indoor shopping mall has one, and the bigger malls have more than one. But the food court at the Cairo Festival City Mall is different from anything I have seen in Canada. Not in terms of the restaurants, which are basically the same wherever you go. Yes, there are some Middle Eastern chains I […]

Something Isn’t Right

The leader of the Official Oppositions says it feels like Canada is broken, and the federal government is to blame. Needless to say, the Prime Minister disagrees. When does a feeling become a reality? Whether Canada is “broken” or not, I don’t think it is hard to find many people who feel that it is. […]

A Favorite Place

Had to change planes in Istanbul recently. With only three hours between flights there was no time to leave the airport to show my family the city that may be my favorite in Europe. Instead I just thought of the places I had seen, and today one of the highlights of a previous trip. This […]

Time Flies

Been a while since I went with a rerun here, but I thought today would be a good one. This post is from eight years ago today. Back then I hadn’t thought about the longevity of this blog – I was hoping to chronicle my summer vacation, and hadn’t thought of what would come next. […]

The Crucifix

It’s Sunday, and I am away on a retreat. This post from October 2014 seemed appropriate for the day. My wife’s aunt is a retired schoolteacher. She makes certain that any visit we make to her in Lippstadt, Germany, has an educational component. There are no options, we will learn something. Or else. Since we […]