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If The Train’s On Time…

According to government propaganda in fascist Italy of the 1920s and 1930s, the unstated message was that, while you might not care for the man, at least under Mussolini the trains ran on time. They didn’t of course, and still don’t. Given the propensity for dictators to kill their critics, it probably wasn’t healthy to […]

Christmas Market in Lippstadt II

Just a few photo impressions today. If you need words, try yesterday’s post.  

Christmas Market in Lippstadt

I have visited Lippstadt before, but always in the warmer weather. I didn’t know what to expect of their Christmas market.  We had already visited the Advent Market held in the little town of Laufen, an event that matched the town for size. It was pouring rain and I didn’t take any pictures. Nor was […]

I Couldn’t Resist

Another weekend, another Advent Market, the fourth one we have attended and the first in what is now really the Advent season. Pictures and commentary coming in a couple of days, but I wanted to show you this right now. I have seen American vendors bragging about “foot-long” hot dogs, though I have never seen […]

Back to Lippstadt

I’m visiting my wife’s ancestral home town, Lippstadt, Germany, this weekend for the first time in three years. Today I might attend a worship service at the church where her grandfather was pastor for (I think) a couple of decades. It seems fitting therefore that I repeat one of my first blog posts, from September […]

Walking to Laufen

Woke up yesterday to snowflakes falling gently. In town they melt on contact, but in the hills above the snow looked so pretty on the trees. It is almost as if there is a line drawn somewhere and that is where the snow stops. One field is white, the one beside it green. I took […]

Christmas In Colmar – II

Today just some photos from the Christmas market in Colmar, France.