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London Sunset

I had a piece of biting social commentary all set to go for today. Then I remembered that I had a social commentary post yesterday. I don’t want to be serious two days in a row, or not this week anyway. So instead three photos I snapped with my phone back in February on the […]

Ribfest 2017

One of the nice things about working on Parliament Hill is that it is only a block from Sparks Street, which is home to several Ottawa festivals. This year’s edition of Ribfest started on Wednesday and runs until tomorrow. At the annual Poutinefest I have difficulty making a choice, so many tasty possibilities. I find […]

Kiwanis Way – IV: The Chapel

It’s amazing what can happen in a small town that would never happen in a city. That thought struck me again as I walked Pembroke’s Kiwanis Way. Walking from the Pembroke marina to Riverside Park I noticed that sometime in the past 15 or so years since I last traveled the path, a chapel had […]

Kiwanis Way – III: Pointer Boats

I remember when the statue, if that is what it is, was erected. A pointer boat on top of a spike didn’t make much sense to me. I knew the history, the importance of the boats to the logging industry in the Pembroke area, but you really couldn’t get a sense of what they were […]

Kiwanis Way – II: The Adult Playground

It had been at least a decade since my wife had managed to convince me to join her for a walk on Pembroke’s Kiwanis Way, and I discovered some things I hadn’t seen before. I know, that is hard to believe in a one-kilometre stroll. The thing that stood out the most was a new […]

Kiwanis Way – I

A couple of years before we moved from small town Pembroke to Canada’s capital (that’s Ottawa if you didn’t know it) there were some improvements made to Pembroke’s downtown. The Kiwanis Club paid for a paved walkway along the Ottawa River connecting the Pembroke Marina with Riverside Park. It is a short path, slightly more […]

Out Of Control – Revisited

Back in the early days of this blog I did a post about an art exhibit at the Atomium in Brussels. I had been quite impressed and thought others would be too. Yesterday I was looking at the pictures and thinking that perhaps I should share that post again since most of the people who […]