Monthly Archives: March 2021

Would You Fall For This?

It was in my email spam folder, a note from the chairman of one of the world’s biggest philanthropic organizations. I should count myself lucky – I had been chosen to receive $5,300,000. I didn’t click on the link. It seemed strange that I would never have heard of such a prestigious organization, so I […]

Another View

Friends dropped by Monday evening and we weren’t home. So they went for a walk in the hills around Sulzburg, sending pictures as they did. I found it interesting to see what scenes they thought were worthy of preservation. We live in a beautiful area – and sometimes it takes another person’s eyes to remind […]

Monday Rolls Around Again

A busy weekend has left me with no time to finish the post I had intended for today. Rather than skip posting, I thought you might like to see this – it’s been four years since I first shared it. This image came to mind as the past couple of evenings I have been out […]

What Village Is That?

Today is Palm Sunday. Seems like a good time for some church pictures. “What village is that” is a fairly common question my wife of I will ask as we walk though our area of Germany. So many little places in the distance, and in four years there are still a few we haven’t explored. […]

It’s The Weekend!

Just a few smiles/chuckles to start your Saturday. Which of these four resonated most with you? I must admit I loved the third one – I have no patience with impatient people.

Sweet Stuff

I’m more of a salty snacks person, but even though I wouldn’t want to eat these treats I noticed in a Freiburg cafĂ© window, I certainly can appreciate the artistry. Which one would you choose? Or would you want to eat them all?

A Year Later

One year ago today I shared these words and pictures. So much has happened (and not happened) since then I’m not sure where to begin. In 2020 I was saying life still goes on. Yet, I just realized that the Easter bunny was not in the Sulzburg town square this year – unless they put […]

Not Your Ordinary Denial

Of course they believe in climate change – most of them anyway. They aren’t stupid. But they are upset. They decided to make a point. Last weekend, delegates to the Conservative Party of Canada policy convention defeated a motion that acknowledged climate change as real. It was embarrassing for leader Erin O’Toole, who has been […]

Never Thought of That

I heard the sounds before I saw the workers. The familiar sounds of a water truck cleaning the street. In Canada, as Spring comes they send out trucks with high pressure spray nozzles to hose down the streets, clearing away a winter’s accumulated grit with a pressure wash. The streets don’t stay clean for long, […]

Today’s Thousand Words

The steeple of Freiburg’s famous Munster seen from a couple of blocks away yesterday.