Monthly Archives: May 2019

They Are Doing What!?

Somehow I missed this event last year. And when I saw the poster on a light post earlier this week I was flabbergasted. I know this is a big wine producing area. And I know that the specialty wine exclusive to this part of Germany is a white wine called Gutedel. So it makes sense […]

Required Reading (and Writing)

It hadn’t struck me before, though I know I’ve read it dozens of times, at least. What a great idea for efficient government! I wonder if we could do it today? I was doing some Bible reading the other day, and came across these words in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy:  When he takes […]

Locked Up For Love

First time I saw a railing full of lovers’ padlocks was in Italy, as we walked between two villages of the Cinque Terre region a decade ago. I gather the practice has become more popular; these days it seems there are locks everywhere. Which presents a problem for municipal authorities. Love is great, but not […]

Vineyards Everywhere

When you live in a wine growing region, it seems there are grape vines pretty much wherever you go. There’s a hill in Seepark in downtown Freiburg where someone, I presume the municipality, has planted some vines. I doubt the harvest is sufficient for producing much, but then again, I have seen grapes planted on […]

Tulip Time

My mother reminded me that the national Tulip Festival is on in Ottawa. If the schedule is like past years, it should be ending this weekend. Since I can’t be there, I thought I’d share a few photos from 2017. There was something different about the light the day I took these pictures. To me […]

What Election?

There’s an election going on, and I have no idea what the issues are. For a political junkie, that is painful. Even worse, I just discovered there are not one but two elections underway in my area right now. I don’t have a vote in either. I think. Today I’m going to ignore Sulzburg’s municipal […]

Who Knew?

  I suppose somewhere the back of my mind I knew there were some people in Europe that played American football (as opposed to what Americans call soccer), but I thought that sort of thing had died out with the demise of NFL Europe.  Turns out I was wrong. This poster was in store windows […]