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Reformation Day

I’m going to miss it, and 500th anniversaries don’t come around very often. When I first learned that I would be moving to Germany this fall, one of my first thoughts was “I can go to Wittenberg for the 500th anniversary celebrations of Luther’s 95 Theses!” Turns out I can’t after all. The new job […]

Bending Politicians To Your Will

Graham Steele is breaking ranks. Politicians are going to hate his new book, which is being published today. Steele, a retired politician and former political staffer who spent some time as Finance Minister of Nova Scotia, has penned a readable guide to how ordinary citizens can get politicians to do their will. Call it a […]

Harvest Festival III

The weather in southern Germany has started to cool. What better way to warm up than more photos from Irhingen’s Harvest Festival? These are from the Lutheran Church which had its altar decorated for the occasion.

Cultural Differences III

The season is over, but I’m already craving fresh-picked corn on the cob. Drenched in butter, with a touch of lemon pepper. That longing is probably exacerbated by knowing I can’t get it in Germany. It has always been a toss-up whether corn or potato wins the contest to be my favourite vegetable. From October […]

Powdered Ice Cream?

Sometimes the memories blissfully fade – until someone brings them flooding back. When I posted about the cola I drank on a recent visit to IKEA there was a comment about different substitutes for the real thing. And suddenly I remembered powdered ice cream. You’ve probably never heard of the stuff. You can be thankful […]

A Home For Rodents

I have, as I think I have mentioned, spent a lot of time working and volunteering in the political realm. That means I have met a lot of politicians. Most of those I have liked as people, even if I disagreed with their policies. If they weren’t likeable, at least in small doses, they wouldn’t […]

The Trail To Britzingen

Twice we had set out to explore this small Black Forest village, and both times we wound up taking different paths. Last Saturday we determined not to get sidetracked. We were successful in that we made it to Britzingen, but we didn’t explore the village. My wife decided that we had plenty of time, so […]

Never Look At The Empty Seats

He’s a simple man (by his own words) and releases his autobiography today. If you aren’t already a fan you probably won’t care enough to read it. But maybe you should reconsider Never Look At The Empty Seats. Charlie Daniels has spent more than 50 years as a musician, doing his own thing for the […]


A roadside stand in Ihrlingen, unattended. You put your money in the red container if you are going to take anything.  The sign is a reminder though to those who may be tempted. “Das 7. Gebot: Du sollst nicht stehlen” translates as “The seventh commandment: Thou Shall Not Steal.” That’s from Exodus 20:15 in The […]

Harvest Festival II

One of the highlights of the Harvest Festival in Ihringen was visiting the Lutheran church in the town. The altar was decorated for he festival, and special Thanksgiving services were held. Pretty much everyone who visited the town dropped by the church to see how it had been decorated.