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Random Thoughts To End The Year

So here we are again. The last day of the last month. A new year begins tomorrow. It is all arbitrary of course. Monday probably won’t feel any different, except perhaps for those who overindulge tonight. Apparently, getting drunk on December 31is one of those things that crosses cultural and national boundaries. For many people […]

Saturday’s Words of Wisdom

Stuck in a Catch-22

I was following up on an online order and got caught up in a classic catch-22. I’ve always been a fan of Joseph Heller’s novel of that name; I’m not thrilled to have to experience the situation. There are no stores in the town we live in. I suppose, strictly speaking that isn’t true. There […]

Downtown Staufen

Sunday afternoon nothing is open in Germany, at least not where we live. And December 24 not many people were out window shopping – everyone was already home with family. We took the opportunity to visit Staufen, which is about five kilometres from home. I had been through the castle on my first visit to […]

Food For Thought

No, I didn’t eat this meal, but I want to. That was the intention of the sender. It came to me from an agency in Maine that rents cottages to vacationers. It was described as a Maine Christmas meal. Not my idea of a traditional holiday meal, but it does look like a feast. It […]

Another Christmas Market???!!!

I thought we were done. After visiting six different Advent/Christmas markets there was no reason to see any more. Saturday though we went to Freiburg, mostly because we could. Our weekends have been busy, but suddenly we had a Saturday with no previous commitments. Plus, we had a transit pass which allowed us to make […]

Merry Christmas

I don’t need to say anything more today – the picture says it all. May you have a blessed Christmas.

Christmas Penguins?

It’s Christmas Eve, also the fourth Sunday of the 2017 Advent season. As I have done the past couple of Sundays, I am featuring a nativity set today. Two of them.  I thought about saving one of these for Advent 2018, but I suspect I’ll find other ones to share with you next year. They […]

The Rink

I saw the sign, and didn’t think it was that big a deal. From Nov. 26 to Dec. 27 there would be a skating rink set up on the pedestrian mall in Mullheim, the largest town in our region. It is only now that I am beginning to appreciate that it is a big event. […]

Christmas Market – Heitersheim II

A photo essay for you today. If you need commentary, that was in yesterday’s post.