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Canadian Tulip Festival 2017 – V

When I go to a tulip festival I expect to see tulips. After all, there are literally millions of bulbs planted in Ottawa as the basis for the Canadian Tulip Festival, here as a reminder of the enduring friendship between Canada and The Netherlands. So I’m not sure how or why one flowerbed this year […]

The Round Church – III

  I do wonder how you get chosen to be one of the fortunate students who gets to study in this place. It can’t be as easy as just sending an email request, can it? To me it seems like a singular honour, but maybe that is because I am living in Ottawa where the […]

The Round Church – II

After yesterday’s post, I thought a photo essay would be appropriate for today.

The Round Church – I

I had been told it was no longer a church, but that wasn’t the full story. More accurate would be to say they no longer hold Sunday services there – but it is still a place where the gospel is proclaimed. Technically it is named The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, but everyone refers to […]

Canadian Tulip Festival 2017 – IV

A TALE OF TWO CITIES There is a rivalry between Ottawa and Toronto that doesn’t make much sense to outsiders. I hadn’t expected to see it played out though as part of the Canadian Tulip Festival. Ottawa is the national capital. Toronto, five times as large is the provincial capital. Toronto thinks it is the […]

Canadian Tulip Festival 2017 – III

A photo essay today, just to give you a sampling of what you missed at the 2017 Canadian Tulip Festival. Even though essentially I see the same thing every year (I mean, a tulip is a tulip after all), somehow it does seem fresh and new each time. I think that may have something to […]

Thirteen Reasons Why

Parents are up in arms. Schools are banning discussion of it on the playground. So naturally I had to see for myself what all the fuss was. Thirteen Reasons Why is a Netflix television series that came out about a month ago and has now been renewed for a second season. To describe it as […]