Monthly Archives: August 2021

A Night To Remember

It was 40 years ago yesterday that I saw U2 in concert for the first time. One of the most memorable nights in a music-loving career that has seen many highlights. Seeing the band on that Sunday night wasn’t intentional. The headliner at the Greenbelt Festival that year was Cliff Richard. U2 weren’t on the […]

What About The Food?

The signs in front of this Texas restaurant show a great sense of humor. Does it matter what the food tastes like? Anybody been there? Somebody on staff seeme to come up with a new sign message each day. You can view hundreds online. I want to know how I can get that job. I […]

The Marathon Continues

With today starting the third week of Canada’s federal election, the governing Liberals find themselves behind in the polls for the first time. This election was supposed to be a slam dunk; their strategists must be going nuts. The party seems to be bent on self destruction. Here are two examples from the past week. […]

Musings on Afghan Democracy

The last Canadian evacuation flight left Kabul earlier today. Twenty years of foreign policy initiatives have vanished almost overnight. That the Taliban so swiftly conquered Afghanistan came as no surprise to me. If we learn nothing from the history of Afghanistan ,it is that foreign  interventions are not successful in the long run. So now we […]

Much Too Early!

Saw this display at a store earlier today. I guess the Christmas decorations will come out next week. I wonder if anyone has pointed out to the retailer that, in the midst of a summer heat wave, Halloween and Christmas aren’t what anyone is thinking of.

Who Is That Masked Man?

It feels so weird to be wearing a face mask again.  Forthe first two weeks of the month I was in Maine, and no-one on the beach was wearing a face mask. After all, the risk and likelihood of COVID-19 transmission in such an outdoor setting was very low.  Indoors masks weren’t in evidence either. […]

Monday Morning Smiles

Allegedly these are all real signs you can find in Texas. You’ll pardon me if I express my doubts – some I suspect have been edited for effect. I discovered them when I decided to hit some click-bait on Twitter. Most of the photos ddn’t make me laugh – but these were amusing enough for […]

One Week Down

Today kicks off the second week of Canada’s federal election campaign. So what has happened in the first seven days of this five-week marathon that ends September 20? I’ve been a little surprised at the performance of the governing Liberals. There seems to be a general media consensus that there is no reason for this pandemic election […]

Who’s On First?

It is a classic comedy skit, so old it’s origins predate television. Abbott and Costello with “Who’s On First.” The television version above dates from 1953. Even though i know what is coming, I still find it funny. Which is probably why I enjoyed the updated script a friend posted to Facebook recently. I found […]

Be Among The First To Watch!

My friend Carolyn just released a new music video today. I had to wait until after noon Pacific time before I could share this. Time passes so quickly. I know everyone in the video, but while watching realized that it has been more than 20 years since the last time I talked with Amy Grant […]