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Greek Theatre – II

Just a collage today, more pictures from the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens. Becasue one of these days we are going to be able to travel again, and this might be a fun place for you to visit.

Greek Theatre – I

It is one of those places you wish you could go to take in a concert. Such history – and I imagine the acoustics are great! I have been to thousands of concerts in my lifetime, but offhand I can’t remember seeing any in what would be considered an iconic location. I’ve never been to […]

The Phone Call

I didn’t recognize the voice when I picked up the phone and heard “Hey grandpa!”  Having just become a grandparent, I figured it was one of my friends calling to congratulate me. But I wasn’t sure which one. So I continued to talk, hoping i would be able to figure it out without the embarassment of […]

A New Sharia Law

The Government of Quebec, that bastion of secularism, is planning a new tax based on Islamic law. Sad thing is, the politicians involved probably have no idea what they are doing. Jizya, according to Wikipedia, is a “form of financial charge on permanent non-Muslim subjects of a state governed by Islamic law.” While no longer officially policy […]

Have Times Changed?

In Germany in the 1930s it was the Jews who were the government scapegoats. They were portrayed as being responsible for all the ills of society. Get rid of them and Germany would be a paradise. History tells us what happened. Jews in Germany saw their rights being abridged by the state. Politicians, starting at […]

Christmas All Year Round

How many shopping days left until Christmas? I haven’t a clue. Nor am I going to look it up. But I know where to shop. Back in 2009 I discovered Käthe Wohlfahrt’s Weinachtsdorf (which I think translates into English as “Christmas Village”) in a visite to Rothenburg, Germany. I was impressed enough to snap a […]

Thinking of Travel

I’ve always had an aversion to standing in line. I think that goes back to the Expo ’67 World’s Fair in Montreal. Several of the most popular exhibitions could only be seen if you were willing to stand in line for hours. Which may be fine for an adult who knows what they are going […]

2021 In Review: Pigs Is Pigs

It has been a perennial favorite here since I foirst posted it seven years agao, and last year it was the most view post of the year. Reading the post has me heading to the basement bookshelves to read teh book again. I had to write a book report last week for a course I […]

2021 In Review: Welcome To Monday

A perennial favorite since I first posted it in November 2017, this graphic was the second most popular post of 2021. Looking at the date, when it first appeared, I suspect I opted for a graphic-only post because I was on an international flight that day and didn’t have time to write anything more. (Does […]

2021 In Review: An Ordinary Hero

The only post from 2021 to make the top ten list for last year was today’s offering, written on the tenth aniversary of my father’s death, and in third place on our list. I’m not sure if this was the post I was most emotional about last year when I wrote it – there was […]