Monthly Archives: August 2015

Planning To Fail

There is an axiom that failing to plan means you are planning to fail. If you don’t have an idea how to accomplish your goals you are unlikely to do so. Today I’m going to be a little self-indulgent. It is a year since this blog started and that seems to be a suitable time […]

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

I have fond memories of my childhood, including the television shows that were part of it, that have become part of our cultural experience and inheritance. To me it seems somewhat sacrilegious to remake those classics, to update them for the 21st century. Therefore I have avoided a lot of recent movies that have delved […]

Does This Sign Belong Here?

Canada is a bilingual nation, though in parts of the country that is more theory than fact. When I was younger both England and France were acknowledges as our founding nations, and English and French were our national languages. Now it is more complicated, and it is commonly understood that Canada’s aboriginal population, the First […]

Vanishing From Society

Sometimes social change sneaks up on you. You don’t see it happening and then suddenly realize what has taken place. I was tidying up and came across a matchbook for a restaurant that I am sure I haven’t been to in 25 years. It suddenly struck me – I can’t remember when I last picked […]

TheBest Job

A few years back some Australian tourism outfit, as I recall, advertised the “best job in the world” and held a contest to fill the position. I didn’t apply – six months as caretaker of a tropical island seemed like a job for a single person; I wasn’t going to uproot my family for a […]

Security And Convenience

It’s one of the most embarrassing moments of modern life. Fortunately I was at the automatic checkout, so no-one noticed. My credit card was declined. Not a big deal, it was a small purchase, only $4.55. I had a debit card and another credit card available. But it shouldn’t have happened. My credit card bill […]

Go Set A Watchman

With all the controversy surrounding the “new” Harper Lee novel, I knew it was a “must read.” I also knew I didn’t want to buy it. I have a house full of books and am trying not to buy anything new, unless I am sure I will read it more than once. I didn’t think […]