Monthly Archives: December 2015

NewYear’s Eve

It’s the end of a year. Time to reflect. What was good about 2015? What wasn’t? I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve like I have every New Year’s for the past 28 years or so, getting together with a small group of friends to talk about the year and pray for each other. We actually […]

Modern Times

Technology is everywhere. Last night it even invaded my dream life.  Every dream I had revolved around Twitter. And I don’t even like Twitter. Dreams fade quickly when you retain consciousness, and I only remember one of them, probably the last one before I woke up. It involved Eric Clapton. I was at an Eric […]

The Big Boat

  The reference to the Titanic in yesterday’s post did bring something to mind, a slight connection I had with that ill-fated ship that sank in 1912. Back in the 1960s I had a friend whose grandmother hailed originally from Northern Ireland. Her father had been employed by Harland & Wolff, the Belfast shipbuilder who […]

Monday’s Words Of Wisdom

I have no idea where I got this one. I really need to pay more attention when I see these things online. That way at least I can give credit where credit is due. If I was more computer literate I’d fix the grammatical error, but that sort of skill is beyond me.

Winter is Here???!!!

After an unseasonably warm Fall I woke up this morning to freezing rain with colder temperatures and some major snowfalls in the forecast. Looks like it might be here to stay. Mind you, we normally get around 75 centimetres of snow before Christmas. This yer we had one, which quickly melted. It was 16 degrees […]

Global Warming?

It wasn’t the first green Christmas Ottawa has had. Not even the first one this decade. And only he skiers were complaining hat the golf courses were open and the ski hills closed. I don’t think an unseasonably warm month or two is necessarily a sign of major climactic catastrophe. After all, we have had […]

The Queen’s Message

I could do without the music before and after her annual Christmas message (she starts talking just before the two minute mark) , but I really like what Her Majesty had to say this year. I’ve linked to a version with subtitles if you have difficulty with British English. People sometimes forget that one of […]

Christ Is Risen – Merry Christmas

I’m not confused. I know it is Christmas – but the day would have no meaning if not for Easter. The baby in a manger celebrated in song and image was the beginning, but it was the planned ending that was important. Without the death and resurrection it might as well have been Frosty the […]

A Christmas Bonus!

  This showed up in my Facebook feed today. I first met Roy almost 40 years ago – so nice to see he’s still putting out music. Roy Salmond – Producer Sponsored · A little over 10 years ago, I created a solo piano album of mellow Christmas favourites. They were sold as a ‘value […]

Peace On Earth

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs of the 21st century so far. It has a hymn-like quality to it and a nice balance between the now and the not yet. Kind of appropriate somehow for Christmas Eve. Heaven on earth We need it now I’m sick of all of this Hanging around Sick […]