Monthly Archives: March 2017

Considering Lisa

She may not be high in the polls at the moment, but Lisa Raitt could be the next Prime Minister of Canada. She wants the job, and says she will do a better job than the incumbent. Mind you, that might not be too hard. Raitt is one of 14 candidates for leader of the […]

The Castle

A photo essay for you today. I went for a night time walk last month in Badenweiler, Germany, and was struck by the beauty of the ruins of the castle in the centre of the the town. I had a camera in my pocket, so I snapped a few pictures as we walked around the […]

Cult of Personality

Canada’s diplomats have received their orders: no more selfies with the Prime Minister. It is not that  foreign service officers have been flocking to have their photo taken with the man dubbed “Prime Minister Selfie;” it is that some of our diplomatic missions have purchased life-sized cardboard cutouts of the PM that are being used […]

Strolling Through Cambridge

Just a photo album for you today. I hope you enjoy.

Christ’s College – Cambridge

No, Jesus didn’t go to school here, but Charles Darwin did. Darwin isn’t the only famous alumnus of Christ’s College, which is part of Cambridge University. Others include John Milton and Robert Oppenheimer. It does seem a bit ironic though that Darwin’s name would be the one most commonly associated with Christ’s, as many people […]

The Chapel

In my younger years I was a student at Carleton University in Ottawa, a relatively new institution which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. So I hesitate to make a comparison between Carleton and Cambridge University, which has been a seat of higher learning for more than 800 years. But I’m going to anyway. […]

Some Random Thoughts From This Past Week

Canada’s largest drugstore chain had a computer glitch. No credit or debit cards were being accepted. Who carries cash these days? What would we do if the system went down as a whole, not just one store but everywhere? We have as a society become so dependent on technology, who knows how we would react. […]