Monthly Archives: July 2021

Have We Changed?

The pandemic is ending in western countries, the current upswing in COVID-19 cases notwithstanding. Which makes it time to consider what is next. I have already commented on the climate of fear I have seen in Canada. That makes me wonder if the post-COVID normal will resemble 2019 society at all. Are masks on public […]

Resurfing The Net

Ottawa’s hot muggy summer has lowered my desire to go out for long walks. But I still need daily exercise.So I’ve been spending time on my exercise bike instead. Did you want the details? I thought not. Suffice it to say it isn’t a Peleton, the bike that is all the rage these days and […]

A Sense of Normalcy

Admittedly there were only a thousand fans, which isn’t many in a 24,000 seat stadium. But, I hadn’t been to a sporting event since January of last year. Which made Saturday’s event special. It wasn’t even a game, just a practice – but a lot more fun than watching the Olympics on television. After not […]

The Abbey

As I work through those things that must get done this week (preparing for a speaking enagagement, then, hopefully, a vacation), I thought I should share this post from my summer vacation of 2014. Not going to go anywhere near as interesting this year! It is in what could be considered the middle of nowhere, […]

Questions Canadians Won’t Ask

Returning after a four-year absence, there is a sense that this is not the Canada I left. Maybe it is the pandemic, but it feels like there is something more. I’ve been asking questions, pointing out absurdities, and people are staring at me as if I am from another planet. There is a climate of […]

Speaking The Truth?

“They believed they were doing the right thing.” You probably can think of situations where that has been true for others, incidents where the passage of time has proven that it was the wrong thing. Maybe that is true of something you have done yourself. Maybe it was just a little thing. Maybe it was […]

It’s not the bad guys…

… who worry me. It is the good guys. People who are obviously evil don’t last long. Dictators like Hitler or Stalin may have a short run, but in the end they are removed from power. What I fear more are the self-righteous, those sure their cause is just, and apparently unable to understand why […]

Whose Life Is Worth More?

Last year the Canadian government boasted of its hard work to protect Canadians from COVID-19. Before any vaccine had been deve;loped, it entered into agreements with several pharmaceutical companies to purchase doses if they were successful. Deals were signed for hundreds of millions of doses to cover a population of 38 million. Details are secret, […]

Bellvue House

Sir John A. Macdonald has been in the news a lot lately, and not much of it was complimentary. Strange for someone who died in 1891. I’ve been thinking I should write about the resurgent Macdonald controversy, and I do plan to do so when work calms down a bit. Maybe this post from 2016 […]

I Was Wrong

Canada has a new Governor General, although she hasn’t actually started the job yet. From what I know of her, Mary Simon seems as qualified as anyone for a difficult and thankless job. Back in January I made a prediction as to who the next Governor General was going to be. I couldn’t have been […]