Monthly Archives: May 2020

More Mundenhof

Who goes to the zoo in the middle of the night? I have no idea – it certainly isn’t me. Freiburg’s Mundenhof is open 24/7 – though I would imagine a visit in the middle of the night might not be too satisfying of you want to see the animals. Most of them would probably […]

The Mundenhof

Went to the zoo last weekend, COVID restrictions being raised enough for that. I could say I was underwhelmed, but that wouldn’t be fair. When my children were younger, we had a membership for the Toronto Zoo. It was a five-hour drive, yet we knew we would visit at least three times in a year, […]

Interactive Friday

I gotta admit, I’m curious as to this one. My first thought was my friend Peter, he knows a lot of music – but I can’t decide on the song. As I get older I find the memory isn’t what it used to be (if it ever was) and remembering all the lyrics of everything […]

Soundtrack to COVID-19

Having worked in the music industry off and on for most of the past 40 years or so, I’ve met a lot of musicians. Some have even become friends as we have interacted over a number of years and releases. Which means I have been very aware of the struggles my musical friends are facing […]

Something New Under The Moon

Just when you thought you had seen it all in this pandemic, someone manages to surprise you. Drive-in movies have been around for years. Drive-in church services have become somewhat commonplace in recent months, but a drive-in concert? Last week two major Christian artists announced they are hitting the road once more, two tours for […]

Translation Woes

You don’t see much English on signs where I live. French either, though France is just a few minutes drive away. So it was a little surprising to see a bilingual sign on the fence of the ostrich enclosure at the Mundenhof, the zoo in Freiburg. Warning signs in zoos are not uncommon. Especially ones […]

Start The Work Week Right

Some COVID-19 jokes for your Monday morning (or whatever time it is when you see this).

Virtual Music

The Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels, like most cultural establishments in Europe, is closed these days. Usually about 10,000 people go through every month. COVID-19 has hot the cultural sector as had as any other industry. I wonder if the government supports to help museums, theatres, dance troupes and the like through this time are […]

Don’t Stop The Music!

It’s Saturday, which in theory is a day of rest for many people. Though in these everybody-works-from-home days there may be less of a distinction between times of work and leisure. I’ve been enjoying the daydreaming about travel, something that I still hope will be a reality for me this summer, even though I know […]

Musical Dreams

It’s tough not being able to travel when you want to. And that loss of freedom is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many travel-oriented businesses which will not survive this involuntary shutdown. That might be a topic for another day, maybe once planes start flying again. (I expect those flights to […]