Monthly Archives: April 2020

The Vampire’s Castle

Everyone seems a little stir-crazy these days. We can’t go anywhere or do anything. So I thought it would be nice to re-publish a few of my travel tales, places you might want to visit if the planes ever fly again. This one is from September 2014. Dracula is everywhere in Romania, perhaps the country’s […]

Whirlwind Tour

More photos from Mini-Europe in Brussels, a post that first ran in 2015. Nobody is traveling these days, but we can still dream! We went to see the Mini-Europe theme park in Brussels. Actually, I was dragged there. There was no way Vivian would have gotten me there if it wasn’t right besides The Atomium, which I […]

Vacation Time?

While the rest of the world seems to be paused, in some ways I am busier than ever. Which has me daydreaming about getting away from it all.  Remember when we could travel to places we wanted to visit? It seems like forever ago, not earlier this year. Back in January I didn’t own a […]

The Shortage

Stores in my part of Germany appear to be well-stocked with what seemed a month ago to be the world’s most precious commodity: toilet paper. You can find different jokes and memes online poking fun at the situation. I’ve shared some here already. Saturday night though I experienced edible toilet paper, something I had previously […]

Striking It Rich

  The mines are still there on the edge of town if you want to try your luck. There are probably rules, but no fences to keep you out. There’s silver in there somewhere. Mind you, there can’t be much of it or someone would still be working the mines. I haven’t gone exploring. The […]

Truth: 2020 Version

For those of us used to working from home the “new normal” probably isn’t that different from the old one. I don’t get excited about car rides – can’t go and visit people yet, and nothing here is open that I want to visit.  

More Gnomes

Saw these ones for the first time yesterday. Maybe I just hadn’t noticed them before, but that is unlikely considering how many are in crevices in the old city wall.

Gnomes Everywhere?

Maybe it is an annual event that I haven’t noticed before. I have no idea of the significance. Walking through Sulzburg’s Kurpark, the park behind city hall, in the past week I have noticed a proliferation of gnomes around the trees (and at least one in the old city wall). I have no idea who is […]

COVID Silver Linings

City officials in Ottawa, Canada, probably won’t admit it, but the timing of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a blessing for them. People are focusing on health and not the city’s under-performing light rail system. The multi-billion dollar project was opened to the public with great fanfare in September, and the breakdowns started almost immediately. […]


I was chatting with my cousin last night, which naturally had me thinking about my mother and hers, sisters who died weeks apart in 2019. So it seems appropriate to share this post again, reflections on an outing my mum and I took in 2015. We pulled over to the side of the road so […]