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The Big Ask

The phone rang and the question was: “Could you answer a couple of questions on provincial government policy?” I agreed. It wasn’t a pollster calling, but a fundraiser from Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party. Once he’d asked his two policy questions, he wanted more. Specifically a donation. To keep the governing party going in the right […]

True Leadership?

Now the real work begins. For Pierre Poilievre, winning the Conservative Party of Canada leadership on Saturday night is only the beginning. Now he has to unify a divided group, healing wounds of division – many of which he created. The past two Conservative leaders have been undermined by factions within the party. Some objected to […]

Decision Day

The announcement will be made this evening, naming a new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and presumably the next Prime Minister, given that Justin Trudeau has supposedly told his caucus he will stay and fight another election. After six months of campaigning and almost 700,000 party memberships sold, all that is left is […]

The Home Stretch

I received an email from a reader asking why I hadn’t written more about the race for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership. Given that the winner may be the next Prime Minister, it is something that will affect a lot of Canadians. Tuesday is the deadline for the mail-in ballots to be submitted, with […]

We’re Number One!

I am a proud Canadian. I think I live in the best country in the world. I suspect many people feel that way about their homeland. That doesn’t mean I think Canada is perfect. There’s a lot of room for improvement. Too often, it seems, our leaders have no idea how to make things better. […]

Thoughts on America

Is it a failed state, as many seem to think these days? Or does it remain the best example of democracy and a hope for the world? It seems appropriate on July 4, as Americans celebrate Independence Day, to give some thought to the state of the United States in 2022. Are things as bad […]

Overturning Roe

Imagine the outcry if it was the other way arouund. Imagine the reaction if the American president and vice president had referred to a Supreme Court of Canada decision in such a fashion, Canada’s government would have made a formal protest. It would have been a major diplomatic incident.  Feelings run high on all sides of […]

Are These Thoughts Dated?

In June 2016, right after the UK voted to leave the EU, I shared some thoughts about what the Brexit vote would mean for US politics and the upcoming presidential election. Seemed obvious to me, but apparently it wasn’t to the Democrats. Re-reading, I see some Canadian parallels as well. One paragraph in particular struck […]

Voting Early

I gave serious thought to voting for myself? After all, when would I get another chance? I realized late last week that I was going to miss the Ontario provincial election. Not just election day, but almost the entire campaign period, including the advance polls.  It was alkso too late for me to request a […]

Now There Are Six…

We are in the home stretch, more or less. The contest to see who will be the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (and potentially Canada’s next Prime Minister) has been narrowed to six candidates. I think there were about a dozen this time last week, as candidates scrambled to meet the deadline […]