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The Next Prime Minister

A week from today Canadians will find out who will be the new leader of the Conservative Party (and potentially our next Prime Minister). I for one will be thankful that with the vote the email barrage will stop. Our Prime Minister is not elected. He or she is the leader of the party able […]

Prediction Time

You may have noticed that I have purposely avoided mention of Donald Trump in this space since he was sworn in as President of the United States. For those suffering from Trump Withdrawal Syndrome, this one’s for you. The traditional 100 days by which a President is first judged has passed. Reactions are mixed. His […]

March For Life 2017 – III

The annual March For Life received more media attention than usual this year. Normally the media ignores the event completely. Thursday though there was a tempest in the Ottawa teapot. A pro-life flag was raised over Ottawa City Hall.  It was quickly removed. Accusations were hurled. The Mayor was blamed (he’s pro-choice and says he […]

March For Life 2017 – II

I had this nagging feeling I shouldn’t accept the request to speak to the seniors’ group at church on May 11, but I couldn’t remember why. So I said yes. That was yesterday, the day of the annual March For Life. Because I was speaking in the late morning I didn’t get downtown until after […]

March For Life 2017

They are going to be on Parliament Hill this afternoon, thousands of people with a cause trying to make their voices heard. For the most part, what they are saying will fall on deaf ears. Today is the annual March For Life, a celebration of humanity and a rejection of abortion and euthanasia. It is […]

Not With A Bang But A Whimper

I had planned on sharing more pictures of the Kingston Penitentiary today, but decided those can wait until tomorrow. I am a political junkie and the hot Canadian political news takes precedence. More of the Kingston Pen tomorrow. As I predicted, Canada will not be following the American model and selecting a reality TV star […]

American Refugees

A couple of weeks ago I heard someone on a radio newscast suggesting it was perhaps necessary to call out the army to deal with the problem. I’m surprised no-one is suggesting it is time to build a wall across the border. Maybe that suggestion has been made, and I missed it. The question remains […]