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Fire and Fury

My plan was not to read this book. I had read enough reviews to know pretty much everything in it, there would be nothing new. However, as a political junkie it was just too irresistible. Fire and Fury has left me thinking not about the chaos that is the Trump White House but more about […]

Political Musings For Your Wednesday

What is the goal of a political party? Is it to win power or is it to put forward policies that will be good for all even if they are unpopular? As Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives choose a new leader this weekend I’ve been pondering the question. Ontario voters will elect a new provincial government in […]

What Happened? – II

Yesterday I reviewed Hillary Clinton’s What Happened. I realized as I was writing that I had more to say than I wanted to fit into one day, so today we pick up more or less where we left off on Thursday. Clinton, who spends most of the book rehashing the 2016 US presidential election campaign […]

What Happened?

I let the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration slip by without comment. It seemed better that way. However, I’ve been reading Hillary Clinton’s account of the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign, What Happened, and it seems like a good time to weigh in with a few thoughts on the book.  In 2008 I read […]

Politically Correct

The Senate of Canada has finally passed legislation to make the Canadian National anthem, O Canada, gender neutral. It has only taken a couple of years (or decades, depending on how you look at it). It has been a much- debated topic, reviving around the use of the word “sons” in the anthem in use […]

Political Appearances

To some extent I have enjoyed being retired from politics. Mind you, I still check the news several times a day, just in case there is something I need to know. Sometimes a news story makes my blood boil, but then my mind kicks in and tells me to relax, I’m not on the front […]

Only in Canada?

The Prime Minister is being slammed by the Leader of the Opposition because he won’t ask the Governor General to apologize for controversial comments. Welcome to Canada. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the Prime Minister has offended millions of Canadians by praising comments the GG made last week about scientific knowledge and religious belief. If […]