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Only in Canada?

The Prime Minister is being slammed by the Leader of the Opposition because he won’t ask the Governor General to apologize for controversial comments. Welcome to Canada. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the Prime Minister has offended millions of Canadians by praising comments the GG made last week about scientific knowledge and religious belief. If […]

Bending Politicians To Your Will

Graham Steele is breaking ranks. Politicians are going to hate his new book, which is being published today. Steele, a retired politician and former political staffer who spent some time as Finance Minister of Nova Scotia, has penned a readable guide to how ordinary citizens can get politicians to do their will. Call it a […]

A Home For Rodents

I have, as I think I have mentioned, spent a lot of time working and volunteering in the political realm. That means I have met a lot of politicians. Most of those I have liked as people, even if I disagreed with their policies. If they weren’t likeable, at least in small doses, they wouldn’t […]

Did You Know It’s Voting Day?

They go to the polls in northern Iraq today, the area residents call Kurdistan. By the time you read this the results may be known. No matter the outcome it is a political problem, not only for the central government in Baghdad but for the rest of the world. I have been to Iraq a […]

Policing Marijuana

Canada is decriminalizing marijuana next year. As of July 1 the entire country can get stoned at will, with drugs purchased in government sanctioned shops. I’m not convinced it is sound policy. Indeed, I think the decision was based not on science, not on evidence of social harm or benefit, but rather on a calculated […]

A Blind Eye To Corruption

The Premier of Ontario is in court today. Kathleen Wynne should be embarrassed by that. But she probably isn’t. Wynne is a witness in what essentially is a corruption trial involving her political party. It is alleged that inducements were offered to a potential candidate to stand aside so that the party’s preferred nominee could […]

Welcome to Fantasyland

Americans are crazy. Kurt Andersen should know; he’s one of them, though he insists he is sane. Don’t all crazy people say that? Fantasyland, which is published today, is a voyage through American history, a look at how American society reached the point where someone like Donald Trump could be elected as President of the […]