Monthly Archives: August 2017

Tracking The Bear

It has been decades since I last read a book on biblical end times prophesy. In that case it was Hal Lindsey’s The Late, Great Planet Earth, which sold millions of copies back in the early 1970s. Russia Rising, from Mark Hitchcock is the latest in what I guess can be described as genre non-fiction. […]

Time Passes So Quickly!

More than a thousand posts later the ideas keep on coming. It was August 30, three years ago today, that I began regular posts here. Today I’m going to quote some of that very first post (in italics) and add some random thoughts that have occurred to me as we have wandered together. Why did […]

Lights In The Sky

As we walked along Old Orchard Beach at night it seemed every hundred metres or so there was someone or a group of people with sky lanterns. I had never heard of such things before. My first thought was that they are a fire hazard, an accident waiting to happen. There were two reasons for […]

Friends, Partners & Lovers

As I sat on the beach reading this volume I wondered a little if others were noticing and wondering why I was reading a book on marriage. Then I shrugged mentally – after all, why shouldn’t someone who has a good marriage read such a volume? There’s always something to learn. People did notice and […]

Very Minor League

For the opening pitch there were fewer than 100 people in the stands, looking rather lonely in a stadium that seats 6,000. Welcome to perhaps the lowest tier of professional baseball. The Old Orchard Beach Surge play in the Empire League, a group of independent teams not affiliated with organized baseball. The Ballpark was built […]

PEI Dreams

I have to admit, I was tempted to reject this book when I read the first line. But that would have been silly. So I read the whole thing. Liz Johnson, according to the blurb on the book’s cover, fell in love with Prince Edward Island on her first visit. I guess love is blind, […]


If you spent any of your childhood at any beach you probably made a sandcastle or two. If you are a parent who took your children to the beach you probably made a few more than that. Making sand castles was never my strength. Give me a bucket and shovel and I can make a […]

Doing Busy Better

We’re all too busy, or so it seems. The word busy is my go-to when people ask me “How are you?” For I am always busy; there are always tasks that need to be done. At times I feel a little guilty about that. After all, for some people busy seems to be a bad […]

Advertising II

Yesterday’s post about television advertising brought back some memories. Many years ago I remember seeing American TV ads for something called Rogaine. With Minoxidil (or so the ad stated). It sounded great, but nowhere in the commercial was it stated just what the drug was for. And I had no idea what either Rogaine or […]

Advertising I

I may have mentioned that I don’t watch much broadcast television. Too busy with other things to have my life revolve around a schedule I can’t control. Not to mention that I don’t find many of the shows appealing. On vacation though, things are different, the rhythms of life take a different pattern. Not to […]