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Pandemic Aftermath

I did have a different post planned for today, but thought perhaps some humor might be appropriate for a Monday morning. Then I saw this online. 2020 seems so long ago. That panic buying and hoarding said a lot about our priorities, about us as a society, and about the fragility of the supply chain. […]

Deja Vu

The Public Health Agency of Canada announced it would not follow other countries’ lead to screen travelers from China for COVID-19. Just like in 2020. Then it reversed its decision. Just like in 2020. The Chinese government says such screening is racist and meant to punish the Chinese people. Just like in 2020. My suspicion […]

So Much I Could Say…

This video has had millions of views in just a couple of days if I am reading the analytics right. Does that mean it has gone viral? . There is so much I could say about the messaging, about government ads targeting children (which may violate Canadian advertising guidelines), about feeble attempts at humor, about […]

Catching COVID

In early 2020, when news first came of a pandemic sweeping out of China, my wife’s first thought was to not worry about taking precautions and to get it over with. “Everyone is going to get it eventually” she said, “so we might as well do it soon.”  That was before the first wave hit Germany. […]

The Packing List

When you are getting ready to go on a vacation, what do you pack first? No, that’s not right. Depending on your personality or vacation destination you may have thought sunscreen, camera, maps, bathing suit or tour guide. Money and credit cards may also come in handy. Your phone charger – especially as phones have […]

Changing Science

I don’t remember where I found this one. Twitter probably. I thought it was funny. I’m actually rather sympathetic towards the World Heath Organization and the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, mistakes were made, but I doubt they were deliberate. You could make a strong case that they did the best they could under the circumstances – […]


At first I thought I had missed the announcement. There was only one person on the bus, besides me, not wearing a face mask. Was the mask mandate back in force? I checked my news feed. Apparently not. A day after the mask mandate for public transit was dropped, the vast majority of people were […]

Quick Thoughts On Masks

What do you think about having to wear a face mask in public places? Do you think they are effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19 or other diseases? Should your opinion matter? If you think so, why? Are you a doctor or other health care professional? An epidemiologist perhaps? I ask these questions in […]

Thursday Smiles

I figured it was about time to laugh again with some pandemic jokes. After two years though it is tough to find ones you haven’t seen already. So I thought I’d throw in the story below. Yes, I’m making you read – but you can visualize the pictures. One day, just before the gates open […]

Catching COVID

A little while ago, I got a text from a friend. He said: When we were kids, my parents sent us to visit friends who had chicken pox, so we would catch it. You’re welcome to come visit us 🙂. It wasn’t chicken pox in his household, but a case of COVID-19. Mild symptoms, as […]