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At first I thought I had missed the announcement. There was only one person on the bus, besides me, not wearing a face mask. Was the mask mandate back in force? I checked my news feed. Apparently not. A day after the mask mandate for public transit was dropped, the vast majority of people were […]

Quick Thoughts On Masks

What do you think about having to wear a face mask in public places? Do you think they are effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19 or other diseases? Should your opinion matter? If you think so, why? Are you a doctor or other health care professional? An epidemiologist perhaps? I ask these questions in […]

Thursday Smiles

I figured it was about time to laugh again with some pandemic jokes. After two years though it is tough to find ones you haven’t seen already. So I thought I’d throw in the story below. Yes, I’m making you read – but you can visualize the pictures. One day, just before the gates open […]

Catching COVID

A little while ago, I got a text from a friend. He said: When we were kids, my parents sent us to visit friends who had chicken pox, so we would catch it. You’re welcome to come visit us 🙂. It wasn’t chicken pox in his household, but a case of COVID-19. Mild symptoms, as […]

Saturday Smiles

I have written quite a bit about the ongoing truckers’ protest in Ottawa this week, but I’m letting it percolate for a bit before sharing it. Part of my problem is that I sympathize with the residents of Centretown who are tired of the noise and traffic jam and just want their lives back. Understandably, […]


This week music streaming service Spotify removed all music by Neil Young, at his request. He gave the company an ultimatum – either he or blogger Joe Rogan had to go. He felt Rogan was spreading false information about COVID-19 vaccines. Young didn’t want to be associated in any way with Rogan’s position. Spotify chose […]


Some on the internet are calling it “Canada’s January 6 event,” likening it to the attempted insurrection in Washington D.C. last year. Thousands of Canadian truckers are descending on Ottawa to protest the federal government’s vaccine mandate on their industry. Earlier this week some suggested 50,000 trucks and a half a million people were on […]

You Be The Judge

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is accusing his political opponents of fear mongering because they are saying his new vaccine mandate imposed on truck drivers will cause supply chain issues. The PM says forcing truck drivers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 protects Canadians. We should be thankful the government cares so much about protecting us. […]

Your Monday Smile

Let us all hope this isn’t a permanent re-arrnaging, and that the new “normal” when it arrives won’t look tooo different from the old one.

Go Directly To Jail

One in four is a significant minority.  And in this case, a scary one. A recent poll says 27 per cent of Canadians feel a jail term is acceptable for those who choose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In other words, the Constitution be damned. Is this what we have become? Canadians used to believe […]