Monthly Archives: September 2021

A Day of Remembrance

Today for the first time Canada is recognizing a national day of truth and reconciliation. The intent is to remember those children who lost their lives in Canada’s residential school system, as well as the survivors and their families. Residential schools flourished for more than a century, with tens of thousands of indigenous children being […]

Sunday’s Signs

A couple I saw outside First Presbyterian Church in Pembroke, Ontario, earlier this month.

Your Saturday Smile

It has been a long time since I published any humor about COVID-19 or the pandemic. I guess as it drags on people aren’t finding it funny anymore. And we can’t count on Donald Trump to say something to make us all laugh. Today just a few things that were scarpy the bottom of the […]

The Knives Are Out

I was confused when I answered the phone. Who conducts a political poll three days after an election? As the automated caller worked through its questions the purpose became clear. Did I think Canada was moving in the right direction? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no. Which party did I vote for? (I lied […]

Waste? What Waste?

Ottawa taxpayers are wresting with the big questions this week. Which was the bigger waste of money?Monday’s federal election cost more than $600 million to stage, and has left us with pretty much the same government we had before.  That price does seem like a bargain though compared to the city’s light rail line. Built […]

Out In The Woods

I am after three months back in Canada just beginning to understand how much I am missing Germany. Not the bureaucracy of course, but I miss the Black Forest. Ottawa has an urban forest with many kilometres of trails, but somehow it just doesn’t feel the same. Still, it is better than a concrete jungle. […]


With a post title like “Denial” you might be expecting me to be weighing in on the Canadian election results. Which I will do at some point in the near future, but right now I thought we could all use a distraction. Joseph Quentin is a famous fixer. If you have a legal problem, he […]

And The Winner Will Be…

Canadians choose a new government today. In theory anyway. As I write this, the polls will be open for another few hours, and then the counting begins. Given how close the tally is expected to be, and with a million mail-in ballots that won’t be counted before Tuesday, it may be a few days before […]

A Matter of Responsibility

The Dutch defence minister resigned Friday after being censured by her country’s parliament over her handling of the evacuation of those who had helped Dutch forces in Afghanistan. The foreign minister had already resigned over the same issue. For this Caandian it was shocking to see a cabinet minister accept blame and resign over anything. […]

Fool Me Once…

Justin Trudeau has brought the idea of electoral reform into the 2021 Canadain federal election. He must be desperate. And hoping Canadians can’t remember his past promises. Campaigning in 2015, he promised that, if he won, Canada would have seen its last “first past the post” federal election. He won. And six years later the […]