Monthly Archives: May 2021

Falling Down?

If not for the fog, I would never have seen the orphanage. The building reconciled me to missing a day in Cappadocia.  With our flight canceled due to weather conditions we spent the day instead on the Princes’ Islands. There was a big wodden structure at the top of Buyukada Island that we just had […]

Experts and Government

Canada has something called the “COVID-19 Testing and Screening Expert Advisory Panel.” These are the experts from which the federal government gets its advice on how to handle the pandemic.  The Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that his government follows the science in these matters, in order to protect Canadians. Unless, of course, it doesn’t […]

Welcome to Canada!

I don’t think I need to add anything to today’s pictures. Thank you to the Canadian Constitution Foundation for compiling the list!

Wasn’t That A Party?

Four years later I realize how special an evening it was. A chance to say goodbyes. Something that isn’t going to happen in 2021. Before moving to Germany we had an “open house” at our home in Ottawa. Anyone who wanted to see us one last time could do so. The place was packed. It […]

Thought For The Day

When I am in a hurry I don’t always look before pressing send. Which can result in some confusion. To make matters worse, my phone has English as its default language, and I am frequently texting in German. Those words are switched to something English, usually making the sentence incomprehensible. To solve the problem I […]

The Other Kardashians

I must admit, I rarely watch television. If I did, I certainly wouldn’t count Keeping up With The Kardashians among the shows I would view. Just the thought of viewing the antics of a family that is famous for being famous is enough to keep me away from television forever. As a consumer of print […]

Like Them Ore Not?

I finally made it to the museum in Sulzburg. Only took three-and-a-half years. Mind you, the museum was closed for the past seven months, indeed for much of 2020, due to the pandemic.  It seems ironic that the place reopened the day we moved out of town. However, since we were in the area, we […]

Revisiting St. Paul’s

I find myself once again in Badenweiler for a few days before heading home to Canada. I thought it would be appropriate to share again some thoughts from my first visit here in 2015. As you have probably noticed if you have been reading this blog for a while, I am interested in churches. It’s […]

Something Random

I got into a staring contest with a sheep the other day. It wasn’t deliberate. Local shepherds seem to park their flocks in convenient fields. Maybe there is a rhythm to it, but I haven’t been able to figure it out. It is possible there is only one flock, and I am just seeing them […]

Basic Math

A friend posted the above on Facebook. I laughed. But I also figured it wasn’t true. After all, I remember the 1980s, and don’t remember A & W selling a 1/3 pound burger. You would think it would be the sort of thing I would remember, though admittedly I’m not sure if I was in […]