Changing Times

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it is really only a year. Can you believe that?

A year ago, if you purchased a sausage on a bun at the Freiburg Market you had the choice of mustard, ketchup or curry sauce condiments. After you were given your sausage by the vendor you grabbed a squirt bottle with whatever you wanted to slather on your meat.

These days you wouldn’t do that. No-one wants to handle a squirt bottle that has been used by who knows how many people before you. What are the odds you could catch a virus? Would you want to take a chance? But are you willing to eat your sausage plain?

Someone came up with a bright idea for a new condiment dispenser that is touch-free – operated by a foot pedal. Works fine and is safe during this pandemic. Or as safe as anything else is these days.

Nice to see someone being creative and rising to the challenges of these times.


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