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Bergruine Landeck – II

Today a photo essay from this castle located in Landeck in southern Germany. As you can see from the walls, the fireplaces were huge. Makes sense for 1260. And if some of those windows look like they belong in a church, there was a large chapel as part of the castle. Advertisements

Bergruine Landeck – I

There’s something special about castles, to me anyway. Maybe it is because we don’t have them in Canada. There’s a history that goes with each castle, a unique story that goes back centuries. When you come from a country with an architectural history that barely goes back a hundred years in most places, there is […]

Gutedel Tag – The Event III

I uploaded the pictures from the May 30 “Gutedel Day” right after the event, planning on a post for the next day. I got sidetracked, which is why they are showing up two weeks later. At first I hadn’t realized just how many pictures I had decided to share, too many for just one post. […]

Gutedel Tag – The Event II

Today a batch of pictures I took during the annual “Gutedel Day” wine festival in our region. For me the highlight was being able to walk on the highway. I guess that shows where my priorities lie.      

Gutedel Tag – The Event I

  They really did it. They shut the highway down for 14 kilometres for a giant wine tasting, Gutedel Tag (Gutedel Day). It was a great party. Turns out the shuttle buses didn’t start running until 6 p.m., by which time I was home, so I didn’t get to see it all. Sulzburg’s location, at […]

Pentecost Craft Market 2019 – II

Today a photo essay, pictures I didn’t use with yesterday’s post.

Pentecost Craft Market 2019 – I

The first casualty of the craft market is parking. Always at a premium in this village, there were no empty parking spaces in town as hundred of people descended on the market square. Many biked, while others parked on the outskirts and hiked into town for one of the biggest events of the year, second […]