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Snake In The Square

I noticed the snake when walking through the market square. Turns out my wife knew all about it. The snake is a COVID-19 project, though I can’t remember now if she said it was city or school authorities who instigated it. Something for children to do, during the lockdown, a joint project that respected social […]

More Mundenhof

Who goes to the zoo in the middle of the night? I have no idea – it certainly isn’t me. Freiburg’s Mundenhof is open 24/7 – though I would imagine a visit in the middle of the night might not be too satisfying of you want to see the animals. Most of them would probably […]

The Mundenhof

Went to the zoo last weekend, COVID restrictions being raised enough for that. I could say I was underwhelmed, but that wouldn’t be fair. When my children were younger, we had a membership for the Toronto Zoo. It was a five-hour drive, yet we knew we would visit at least three times in a year, […]

Translation Woes

You don’t see much English on signs where I live. French either, though France is just a few minutes drive away. So it was a little surprising to see a bilingual sign on the fence of the ostrich enclosure at the Mundenhof, the zoo in Freiburg. Warning signs in zoos are not uncommon. Especially ones […]

Thursday Fart Joke

My first thought was that six-year-old boys would probably roll on the floor in laughter – but only if they speak English. German children wouldn’t see the humor. It’s another holiday in Germany, one that I never remember being mentioned in Canada. It is Ascension Day. For some reason, until this week I never heard […]

Open Border For Refugees?

Amnesty International is calling for Canada to re-open its border with the US – for refugees only. Do you see a problem with that? Your first thought might be that they are calling for Canada to take in Americans fleeing their country at the thought of four more years of Donald Trump. But that isn’t […]

Let There Be Laughter

  It’s Saturday. For most of us the workweek is over. It’s a time to relax, go somewhere, do something. Except…. Where I am, and probably where you are too, there isn’t much attraction in going places. Yes, I could now take the train to Freiburg and shop, something I haven’t been able to do […]