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Locked Up For Love

First time I saw a railing full of lovers’ padlocks was in Italy, as we walked between two villages of the Cinque Terre region a decade ago. I gather the practice has become more popular; these days it seems there are locks everywhere. Which presents a problem for municipal authorities. Love is great, but not […]

Vineyards Everywhere

When you live in a wine growing region, it seems there are grape vines pretty much wherever you go. There’s a hill in Seepark in downtown Freiburg where someone, I presume the municipality, has planted some vines. I doubt the harvest is sufficient for producing much, but then again, I have seen grapes planted on […]

Blasts From The Past

I was hit by nostalgia, struck by something Germany has that is long gone in Canada. The Yellow Pages showed up on my doorstep. Are you old enough to remember phone books? They contained the names and numbers of everyone with a telephone. The Yellow Pages contained only business listings. Businesses who wanted more visibility […]

The Test of Time

Last time I was in Freiburg, Germany, I noticed a different-looking church near one of the tram stops. It was modern architecture, which definitely makes it stand out in a country of old churches. (The church around the corner from our apartment is more than 1,000 years old.) I didn’t take a picture, or go […]

Pond Life

Wandering through Freiburg on Friday (I couldn’t resist that alliteration) and went for a walk in Seepark, a large park near the downtown. Discovered a small lake there (which is what gives the place its name, see being German for “lake.” Spent some time just looking at the aquatic and shore life. So nice to […]

Walking The Urban Forest

I have at times raved about Ottawa’s urban forest and the relaxing walking trails to be found, hundreds of kilometres of them. Ottawa though isn’t unique. On Saturday in Freiburg (Germany) we discovered a local forest, which, if not as extensive as Ottawa’s did give a nice respite from the sun on a very warm […]

Only Half The Story

The poster I saw downtown was designed to shock. I think it succeeded. Too bad the people behind it didn’t know what they were saying. It is advertising a small music festival in Freiburg, Germany, one that started yesterday and ends today. My guess is that all the bands sound the same. By telling you […]