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Freiburg Farmers’ Market

If you ever plan to visit Freiburg, Germany, please let me know in advance. I promise not to be there. It is not that I don’t like your company. Or the city. However, as far as Freiburg is concerned, I seem to be a rain magnet. If I stay away your visit will be much […]

Is The Soup Ready?

Pretty much everyone¬† has a mobile phone these days, which means pretty much everyone is carrying a camera, often with video capabilities. That means you can record what you see for posterity if you are so inclined. YouTube is filled with millions of videos taken on cell phones by people who wanted to preserve the […]

Botantical Gardens

By the time we got to Freiburg on Saturday the snow had turned to a misty rain. It was a gray day but not unpleasant. We got damp, but not really wet. I had an umbrella with me, but never bothered to open it. We chose the #4 tram to wander the city, and hopped […]

More Christmas Market

A “picture is worth a thousand words” type of post today. Some more of the photos I took last Saturday at Freiburg’s Christmas market.  

That Time Again

With November ending, Advent and Christmas markets are in full swing throughout Europe. I guess it is the European version of Christmas shopping frenzy. Last year was the first time I had experienced this sort of thing, and I may have overdone it. I took in seven or eight markets – eventually realizing there’s not […]

A Forgotten War?

I remember it as a one liner in history class, probably early in high school. France and Germany fought a war, 1870-71. I don’t remember who won (Germany I presume – that was the Bismarck era) or what the cause was. I think at the end Alsace became German, or returned to being German. As […]

Blooming November

As we walked through a park in downtown Freiburg Saturday, what struck me most was the profusion of flowers. In the park at the base of Schlossberg the blooms were everywhere. At this time of year in Canada, the parks are grey and somewhat uninviting places, the trees having shed their leaves. And those are […]