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The Mundenhof

Went to the zoo last weekend, COVID restrictions being raised enough for that. I could say I was underwhelmed, but that wouldn’t be fair. When my children were younger, we had a membership for the Toronto Zoo. It was a five-hour drive, yet we knew we would visit at least three times in a year, […]

Translation Woes

You don’t see much English on signs where I live. French either, though France is just a few minutes drive away. So it was a little surprising to see a bilingual sign on the fence of the ostrich enclosure at the Mundenhof, the zoo in Freiburg. Warning signs in zoos are not uncommon. Especially ones […]

More From University Church

Just a few pictures today from University Church, Freiburg. It was not as ornate as I had expected – but you can see the beauty in simplicity.

University Church

Wandering down the street in the university area of Freiburg, we ducked into the University Church, partly because there was a free organ recital. The church is a new building, relatively speaking, with construction having taken place between 1683 and 1701. Originally a Jesuit church, it has been under Freiburg University’s administration since the late […]

More Japanese Garden

A photo essay today from the Japanese Garden in Freiburg’s Seepark.

Freiburg’s Japanese Garden

A cloudy February afternoon is probably not the best time to see the beauty of a Japanese garden. I went in anyway. I missed this area nestled on one of the edges of Freiburg’s urban Seepark. Somehow I walked past it a couple of times last summer without it registering on my consciousness. Even in […]

Meet The Uncommon Meat

  I didn’t even look at the prices – I am sure they are outrageous. But the sign outside the butcher shop in Freiburg definitely caught my attention. As a carnivore I appreciate variety from time to time. Especially since I am living in Germany where the go-to meat is pork; not very tasty pork […]