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Changing Times

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it is really only a year. Can you believe that? A year ago, if you purchased a sausage on a bun at the Freiburg Market you had the choice of mustard, ketchup or curry sauce condiments. After you were given your sausage by the vendor you grabbed a […]

Sweet Stuff

I’m more of a salty snacks person, but even though I wouldn’t want to eat these treats I noticed in a Freiburg café window, I certainly can appreciate the artistry. Which one would you choose? Or would you want to eat them all?

Never Thought of That

I heard the sounds before I saw the workers. The familiar sounds of a water truck cleaning the street. In Canada, as Spring comes they send out trucks with high pressure spray nozzles to hose down the streets, clearing away a winter’s accumulated grit with a pressure wash. The streets don’t stay clean for long, […]

Today’s Thousand Words

The steeple of Freiburg’s famous Munster seen from a couple of blocks away yesterday.

An Unexpected Crowd

My wife had had enough. Me too. We just had to so somewhere different. Freiburg was the logical choice. I have been avoiding that city since last September, when it was announced that masks mist be worn at all times in the inner city. I don’t like masks, so I just didn’t travel to Freiburg. […]

Stir Crazy?!

I had no set itinerary in mind when I left the house – I just knew it was going to be a long walk. I realized it had been six weeks since I left Sulzburg, other than a couple of trips to church and one visit to the doctor for a flu shot. Those were […]

Wasn’t That A Party?

Suppose you threw a party, invited everyone you knew, and no-one showed up? What would you do? I didn’t think to ask that on a recent visit to Freiburg. Maybe I should have. This is a big year for the biggest city in my area. Founded in 1100, Freiburg had lots of events planned for […]

A Big Leap

Anyone who has taken the train from Freiburg to the resort town of Titisee knows the stag. As the train goes trough a gorge you suddenly see it on the crest of the cliff above, poised to jump. You want to take a picture of course, to share the sight with your friends. But  by […]

Envying The Children

When I was a child my favorite play structure was near the model homes in the housing development  my family moved in. No swings, no slides – but there were tunnels. Somewhere back in Canada I have a black and white photo I took with my first camera in 1964. It was basically a couple […]

More Mundenhof

Who goes to the zoo in the middle of the night? I have no idea – it certainly isn’t me. Freiburg’s Mundenhof is open 24/7 – though I would imagine a visit in the middle of the night might not be too satisfying of you want to see the animals. Most of them would probably […]