Black Forest In Winter II

Took my camera instead of just my phone. And a different trail from the one in the previous post.

A day later, there had been more people out – I wasn’t breaking new ground through the snow. In some places I could see that there are cross-county skiers in the area. I wonder how often hey get to use their skis.

Though maybe people rent them. Talking with my neighbors, they mentioned you can rent snowshoes in one of the nearby villages. That would never have occurred to me. I have snowshoes in my basement in Ottawa, but it must be at least a decade since I last used them. Life gets busy at times, and I opt for easier forms of recreation.

In a number of places I found mothers with children sledding. What are normally walking trails turn out to be natural toboggan runs. I should have realized that, given how steep some of them are to climb when there isn’t snow on the ground.

Once again on this walk I was struck by the natural beauty of the area and thankful that I live in such a place. Still no sunshine though.


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