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Winter Wonderland

I am a Canadian. Talking about the weather is our national pastime. Especially in winter. In my small corner of Germany though there doesn’t seem to be the same incentive. There is no winter here, though I have trouble convincing Germans of that. Like Canadians, they love to talk about winter weather. Last winter I […]

The View From Here

I’m feeling a little frustrated today. I don’t think you can see what I see. There was a dusting of snow yesterday, and afterwards I could see from my kitchen window that the Black Forest looked beautiful in the sunshine. I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn’t get one without houses in the […]

I Don’t Believe In Winter

Last winter everyone assured me that snow and cold was on the way. Yet my winter boots were never taken out of the box they came in. I realize that southern Germany is not as cold as the north, but I was told it was just a matter of time until the big storm came. […]

This Is Spring?

It is May, not March. There is not supposed to be even a hint of snow. Is there someplace I can go to get a refund? –

Winter Wonderland

As I walked to the bus stop yesterday… …I had to take some pictures.

The Aftermath

Two days after Ottawa was hit with a major 50 cm snowstorm the bus system still doesn’t appear to be back to normal. Thursday afternoon buses were traveling through the downtown core were 45 minutes behind schedule. Supposedly that was due to high traffic volumes, which struck me as a strange excuse given that most […]

White Chaos

I occasionally poke fun at my American friends whose communities seem to be unable to handle a severe winter storm. Canadians, I tell them, aren’t afraid of a little snow. We know how to deal with the stuff. My contempt has its roots in a trip to New York City in 2001, where we experienced […]