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What Election?

There’s an election going on, and I have no idea what the issues are. For a political junkie, that is painful. Even worse, I just discovered there are not one but two elections underway in my area right now. I don’t have a vote in either. I think. Today I’m going to ignore Sulzburg’s municipal […]

The Crane Moves On

Early last week I was wondering about the stalled construction for the new apartment building at the edge of town. I asked my wife how the construction company could afford to keep a crane up and idle for the past six months. I guess they couldn’t anymore. Thursday it was dismantled and removed. I just […]

What Market?

When it rains…no-one shows up. The Spring Flomarkt, or flea market if you prefer English, took place in the Sulzburg market square yesterday. Or a pale imitation of it. This is usually a big event. But the weather played havoc with the attendance.  I had hoped for some bargains; instead I was underwhelmed. I was […]

Welcome To Maihock

It’s a holiday today in Sulzburg. Last year I was out of town and didn’t know what I was missing. I really don’t know anything about May 1 celebrations – we don’t have them in Canada, at least not that I have ever seen. When we signed the lease for our apartment in Sulzburg we […]

The Hole Story

I know you were wondering. The question was just eating away at you. I’ve written about this construction site a couple of times before. The first time I was wondering what was going on, as nothing was happening. The next time I provided an answer. Time for an update on the hole at the outskirts […]

Sex Education

You thought you knew all about the birds and the bees, but what about the moths? That probably wasn’t even on the curriculum! You never know what you will learn when you are out for a walk. My wife pointed out this red wire to me yesterday as we took an early morning walk through […]

More on Weckensonntag

I’m still traveling, which is why I opted for a rerun today. Mind you, it seemed logical to run the 2018 sequel yesterday’s post, given that they were written to go together.   Continuing from where we left off yesterday, some thoughts on this unique Sulzburg tradition. For my neighbour it is a nostalgic time. When […]