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The View From Here

I’m feeling a little frustrated today. I don’t think you can see what I see. There was a dusting of snow yesterday, and afterwards I could see from my kitchen window that the Black Forest looked beautiful in the sunshine. I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn’t get one without houses in the […]

The Other Wagen

You are probably familiar with Volkswagen, the peoples’ car that is possibly the best known of German automobiles. But do you know about Wohnwagen? Sure you do – you just didn’t know the German word for camping trailer. I didn’t either until my wife mentioned it as we passed one of the local campgrounds (Sulzburg […]

Sunnier Days

It has been gray in Sulzburg recently. Very little sunshine. It seems like we get 10 minutes in the morning and that is it for the day. Sulzburg sits in a valley. If I walk to a neighbouring town, a couple of kilometres or so, there is usually sunshine, though there’s no guarantee. At least […]

I Don’t Believe In Winter

Last winter everyone assured me that snow and cold was on the way. Yet my winter boots were never taken out of the box they came in. I realize that southern Germany is not as cold as the north, but I was told it was just a matter of time until the big storm came. […]


It is our second Christmas in Germany, and I can’t decide if I prefer the simple white lights used as Christmas decorations here, or the multi-colored ones of North America. I think the white ones are a remnant from the days of wax candles – you didn’t have the options electricity gives. The displays here […]

Under Construction

There are times when I wonder about the pace of life in this corner of Germany. Some things are painfully slow, especially construction projects. There is a street in neighbouring Laufen that was undergoing some repairs when we moved here more than a year ago. They are still working on it, though I must admit […]

Sulzburg Christmas Market 2018

  In the big cities in Germany the Christmas markets run for a month or longer. The goods on display are slickly made. In sleepy Sulzburg it is a one-day thing, and there is a lot of home-made baking and clothing for sale. And gluhwein of course. The market is open until 8 p.m. local […]