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Like Them Ore Not?

I finally made it to the museum in Sulzburg. Only took three-and-a-half years. Mind you, the museum was closed for the past seven months, indeed for much of 2020, due to the pandemic.  It seems ironic that the place reopened the day we moved out of town. However, since we were in the area, we […]

Something Random

I got into a staring contest with a sheep the other day. It wasn’t deliberate. Local shepherds seem to park their flocks in convenient fields. Maybe there is a rhythm to it, but I haven’t been able to figure it out. It is possible there is only one flock, and I am just seeing them […]

Do You See It?

Look closely. Don’t feel disappointed if you can’t see it – I can’t either. Wandering through the Black Forest on a rare break in this rainy week, I came across this hill with a sign at the bottom (you can see the edge of it on the right). I stop and read such signs – […]

Wooden Fungi

I’ve been down the trail hundreds of times. I’ve even written about the carved mushroom just off the trail by the old quatrz mine. But this one is new. Sometime in the past week or so someone has carved a new mushroom out of a tree stump. It is perhaps a little more primitive than […]

The Naked Fridge

You can tell a lot about Canadians by looking at their refrigerators. Not just the food inside, but by what is on the front and sides. Is it like that where you live? Can you learn about people’s lives by what they display on the fridge? Is there a calendar? Family pictures or photos of […]

What Is This?

I came across this log lying on the ground with what appears to be notches cut into it. But why? The bark has been removed, the branches trimmed and it was just lying there. For what purpose? I’m curious to see if you can figure it out. I’m not sure if these are really clues, […]

Around The Maypole

There was a break in the clouds before church this morning, so I dashed out and grabbed a quick photo of the maypole in the market square. Seems a little hazy to me – and the rain started up again right afterward. It’s a sign of spring that I remember from children’s stories of my […]

Drawings On The Wall

The urge to draw pictures predates written language, as can be seen in cave drawings in Europe that the experts say date back thousands of years. So it is no surprise to discover that people used to draw on church walls too. Other than the odd mural, which usually isn’t in the sanctuary itself, I […]

Unintended Messaging

It wasn’t intentional – but those who read the message couldn’t have known that. Which means they either laughed or thought I was a dangerous idiot. When we first moved to Germany we had no vehicle. Which would not have been an issue of we had lived in a large city, but public transit in […]

Walking Along The Sulzbach

There’s a small stream, the Sulzbach, that runs through Sulzburg, coming out of the Black Forest on its way to the next town. Most of the time I don’t even think about it, though I walk by it daily. I doubt if a tourist has ever made the trek just to see this stream in […]