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Uncomfortable Memories

I live in a town haunted by memories. That no-one talks about. At least to me. Sulzburg was once the center of Jewish culture in southern Germany. In the middle of the 19th century, a third of the town of 1,200 was Jewish. There was a synagogue, a rabbinical school, a choral society, a cemetery. […]

Another View

Friends dropped by Monday evening and we weren’t home. So they went for a walk in the hills around Sulzburg, sending pictures as they did. I found it interesting to see what scenes they thought were worthy of preservation. We live in a beautiful area – and sometimes it takes another person’s eyes to remind […]

A Year Later

One year ago today I shared these words and pictures. So much has happened (and not happened) since then I’m not sure where to begin. In 2020 I was saying life still goes on. Yet, I just realized that the Easter bunny was not in the Sulzburg town square this year – unless they put […]

Mobile Phone Blues

Walking through the Black Forest late Monday afternoon between the villages of Muggart and Laufen I realized my phone just doesn’t do what I want it to. An upgrade would seem to be required – but the feature I feel is missing is probably decades away. It isn’t the quality of the camera, as you […]

In The Stream

When I walk the trails around Sulzburg I am never quite sure in advance what I am going to see. Each day, it seems, my eyes are opened to something new. On Tuesday, for the first time, I realized that I had walked past many times past portions of the Berlin Wall, without realizing what […]

Self Portrait

Summer is here. Well, not really, but it felt like it Sunday. It was 18 Celsius in the vineyards above Sulzburg.  It was warm and sunny, a great day for a socially distanced walk on the Castellberg. Especially when a bench beckoned in the sunshine, a perfect place for fresh apple crisp and coffee from […]

Rubbing It In

My Canadian friends are reminding me that Winter is nowhere near over. I read news reports of record low temperatures in Texas. Weather seems to be a topic of conversation everywhere. Most of the time the comments aren’t complimentary. Not wanting to make anyone envious (or maybe I do), it appears Winter is over where […]

Playing With Toys

They seemed a little embarrassed at first, but as my wife asked questions they warmed to the topic. They had looked rather out of place walking along the path. We came across this grey-haired couple on one of our afternoon walks. From a distance we weren’t completely sure what was going on. They couldn’t be […]

Snow Angels

Wandering through Sulzburg’s Kurpark in the snowstorm a couple of weeks ago I came across a woman making snow angels. Not something you think of as an adult activity. When I was a child we would make snow angels by lying down in freshly fallen snow and moving our arms and legs. The resulting impression […]

Black Forest In Winter II

Took my camera instead of just my phone. And a different trail from the one in the previous post. A day later, there had been more people out – I wasn’t breaking new ground through the snow. In some places I could see that there are cross-county skiers in the area. I wonder how often […]