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Stir Crazy?!

I had no set itinerary in mind when I left the house – I just knew it was going to be a long walk. I realized it had been six weeks since I left Sulzburg, other than a couple of trips to church and one visit to the doctor for a flu shot. Those were […]

Keep Your Eyes Open

At the best of times there is little to do in the area I live. These days, with so many pandemic-related restrictions, you pretty much can walk or stay at home. Which for me isn’t a problem. I like to walk. Though I admit the trails around Sulzburg, so admired by the tourists (which we […]

How Embarrassing

My wife says these notices are most unusual – they display a sense of humor. That’s not something Germans are known for. I gather there have been problems in the neighborhood with people not picking up after their dogs. Well, maybe not in the neighborhood but on this particular street. The message reads: Your dog […]

Autumn in the Vineyards

For some reason, the leaves on the forest trees don’t seem to change colors here. Which explains why so many Germans come to eastern Canada and the US northeast at this time of year. You don’t get to see displays like this in our part of Germany. Friday was a gray day, typical of a […]

An Acorn Grows Up

Three years ago Monday we drove into Sulzburg for the first time, knowing this was to be our new home. Mind you, we hadn’t seen the apartment or signed the lease – and wouldn’t be able to that day as our prospective landlords were away. First impressions are important. Sulzburg struck me as a sleepy […]

Six Months Later

We’ve been living with this coronavirus, COVID-19, for more than six months now. Are you as tired of it as I am? Last night, as I considered today’s post, I realized I wasn’t in the mood to finish a travel piece, or the political commentary I was working on. So you’ll have to wait for […]

On The Forest Floor

Noticed this on my walk in the Black Forest this week. I think it is a mushroom, or some sort of fungus. Normally I can be quite oblivious to the flora (and fauna) as I do my daily walk. I know I need fresh air and exercise, so I do it. Too often though I […]

Harvest Is Coming

The grapes are turning purple in the vineyards around Sulzburg. Some of them anyway – many of the local varieties ripen green. An unexpected benefit of COVID-19 is that we will be in Germany for the harvest, probably early in September. Our usual schedule has us in Canada then, so we’ve always missed it. I do […]

Different Visions

Walking through Sulzburg the other day I noticed familiar flowers in one of the yards. Familiar, but not ones I had ever seen in a Canadian yard. I  will admit to not being a horticultural expert. Plants, to me, are something someone else grows. So maybe I am wrong in my observations. It did look […]

Sounds of Summer

We seem to have a bit of a musical theme here recently. That’s because Sulzburg has had a couple of concerts in the market square this past week. I must confess I didn’t take an pictures in the hour I spent watching the local “hand harmonica” (accordion) club. After all, if you have seen (and […]