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First Snow

“Take your boots back to Canada,” my wife told me in November. “You are never going to use them here.” The winter boots are an ongoing joke. I bought them in the fall of 2017, making sure I was prepared for the winter all my German friends assured me was coming. Except it didn’t. Throughout […]

The View From Quarantine

For ten days I missed my daily walk through the Black Forest and the vineyards. Taking COVID-19 quarantine seriously, I stayed inside for the required time. My wife wanted fresh air, so she would walk in the apartment building yard as long as there was no-one around. That didn’t appeal to me – 18 steps […]

2020 In Review – A Bowl of Cherries

This was the most popular of my 2020 offerings, the third most-viewed post of the year. It surprises me how some posts maintain their popularity from year to year. An I wouldn’t have expected this one to top the 2020 offerings. Fruit is always popular I guess. No, seriously, I have no idea why people […]

Christmas Decorations

I hadn’t realized how much I missed being in Sulzburg last December until I saw the Christmas decorations going up in the market square. Sulzburg is beautiful at Christmas. European towns make Christmas a big deal. There may not be much faith left on the continent, but the traditions remain. Even in 2020, when so […]

Security Issues

“It’s about my rock, isn’t it?” I asked. The security officer laughed.  I knew it was the rock because it wasn’t the first flight of the day. Or the first time I had been asked to open my carry-on. In Frankfurt were was a small cluster of people gathered around the screen looking at the […]

What Customer Service?

It seemed like such a simple thing. How could it have gone so wrong? And why isn’t the system better? We needed to make changes to our bank account, which necessitated a trip the the branch around the corner. I normally do my banking online. The teller asked for our ATM cards. They do that […]

More Than A Pile Of Sticks

I must have walked by this pile of old wood in the vineyard on the edge of Sulzburg a dozen times in the past two weeks, never giving it a second thought. Until the last time. I should have wondered why the pile was there when I first saw it, but my mind tends to […]

Difference in Perspective

Another day, another extreme weather warning for Sulzburg. Why do I read these things? The weather app on my phone occasionally gives me alerts about unusual weather expected in my area. They are generated by the German meteorological service, so they have a feel of authority to them. What they don’t have is me taking […]

Fall Continues

Time to take a break from looking at the US election. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest after all. Friday afternoon we went walking in the Black Forest with friends from another village and came across this blaze of color. All discussion of the election was forgotten as we drank in the […]

Sunset Over Laufen

Life goes on while America figures out how to count the ballots cast in Tuesday’s presidential election. I think I’ll have some observations on that tomorrow, whether they have finished by then or not. There is beauty in nature, whether you are looking for it or not. In this case I wish I had had […]