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Then and Now

Social distancing is all the rage these days – but how do you make certain people keep away from each other? I didn’t think to take pictures at the church we attend, where these days you can only sit in places that don’t have big red and white Xs on them, made with some plastic […]

Snake In The Square

I noticed the snake when walking through the market square. Turns out my wife knew all about it. The snake is a COVID-19 project, though I can’t remember now if she said it was city or school authorities who instigated it. Something for children to do, during the lockdown, a joint project that respected social […]


It is easy not to notice something that isn’t there. Which is why this scarecrow I saw Monday afternoon took me by surprise. It was in what is essentially someone’s backyard, a children’s play area that backs onto one of the trails I walk on frequently. I’m sure it wasn’t there last week. Scarecrows are […]

Social Distancing Changes This Holiday

I was planning on a May Day post today. I knew the holiday would be different this year, that there would be no large gatherings. But I thought there would still be some observance. So yesterday evening I dropped by the Sulzburg Market Square, thinking I would at least see this year’s Maypole being erected. […]

The Shortage

Stores in my part of Germany appear to be well-stocked with what seemed a month ago to be the world’s most precious commodity: toilet paper. You can find different jokes and memes online poking fun at the situation. I’ve shared some here already. Saturday night though I experienced edible toilet paper, something I had previously […]

Striking It Rich

  The mines are still there on the edge of town if you want to try your luck. There are probably rules, but no fences to keep you out. There’s silver in there somewhere. Mind you, there can’t be much of it or someone would still be working the mines. I haven’t gone exploring. The […]

More Gnomes

Saw these ones for the first time yesterday. Maybe I just hadn’t noticed them before, but that is unlikely considering how many are in crevices in the old city wall.