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From The Tower

There is a water tower sitting on a ridge just outside the village of Heitersheim. From there you get a nice view of the surrounding area, especially the vineyards that we frequently walk through. Every day I am thankful to be living where I do. The social distancing restrictions, the not being able to be […]

Striking It Rich

  The mines are still there on the edge of town if you want to try your luck. There are probably rules, but no fences to keep you out. There’s silver in there somewhere. Mind you, there can’t be much of it or someone would still be working the mines. I haven’t gone exploring. The […]


Saw this one “growing” near the abandoned quartz mind on the edge of Sulzburg. Every time you head into the Black Forest you’ll see something new.

Out For A Walk

In these days of self-isolation, people in our area are still encouraged to get out for fresh air daily. All that is asked is that you stay at least two metres away from other people. Looking out at the vineyards of Castellberg from the Black Forest at the edge of Sulzburg, you can see that […]

For Germans Only

My wife wanted to go on an excursion, someplace we hadn’t been before. Someone suggested Schluchsee, a place I had never heard of. You probably haven’t either, unless you are German. If you are a foreigner visiting the area in which we live, chances are you have been to Titisee. That town has a beautiful […]

Taking Off

Your Monday photo essay is two brave young men taking off from the top of the Blauen in southern Germany. It looks like great fun – as long as the gray clouds they were sailing into decided not to rain on their flights. Clicking on the pictures enlarges them.

Another Sunset

It was back to the Blauen Tuesday night. It is one of those places you take guests – not too far from home and the view is great, even if it was a little misty. I am a natural city dweller. I thrive in an urban environment. I will admit though that the beauty of […]