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The View From Here

I’m feeling a little frustrated today. I don’t think you can see what I see. There was a dusting of snow yesterday, and afterwards I could see from my kitchen window that the Black Forest looked beautiful in the sunshine. I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn’t get one without houses in the […]

Seduced By A Sign

I wrote this piece more than a year ago, shortly after we arrived in Germany. I planned on using it then, but there was something else scheduled the day after I wrote it, then I switched phones. It has languished on the old phone, and might still be there if I hadn’t had to turn […]

Sunday Afternoon Walk

Went for a walk yesterday in the area of Schloss Bürgeln, which is near Schlingen in southern Germany. Less than a half hour drive from Müllheim, which was our starting point as we went straight from church. If I had been thinking I would have taken more pictures. Too busy enjoying myself I guess. Still, […]

St. Peter in the Black Forest II

Following up on yesterday’s post, more pictures from the church.

St. Peter in the Black Forest

With only a few days left in Canada I have been rather remiss about posting in this space. So many things to do before we leave, and it seems there is never enough time. I have several new posts bubbling in my head but haven’t gotten around yet to putting pen to paper (so to […]

Return to the Lebensweg

We had guests from Canada, and when they were given options as to what they would like to see or do, they chose to walk the Lebensweg in St. Ulrich. Naturally we went with them. It’s a short walk, 3.8 kilometres according to the sign, and this time we made no deviations from the trail […]

Triberg – VI

One last look at the Black Forest town of Triberg today. I mentioned previously that we spent our time at the waterfall and on the walking trails, leaving the village itself for a subsequent visit. That means I didn’t see much, or take many pictures. Indeed, the only site of significance in these photos is […]