So Much I Could Say…

This video has had millions of views in just a couple of days if I am reading the analytics right. Does that mean it has gone viral?


There is so much I could say about the messaging, about government ads targeting children (which may violate Canadian advertising guidelines), about feeble attempts at humor, about a lot of things really. But I’m not going to. I’m trying to get ready for Christmas.

I’d love to hear what you think. The comments box is open.



  1. How very woke…
    Reminds me of the year David Suzuki told kids “Climate change is melting the North Pole and it’s no longer safe for Santa and his Workshop. So our dear old friend is packing up the sleigh to find somewhere else to live.

    You can help! Move your mouse over this website to find gifts you can buy Santa to help him set up a temporary Workshop and protect the North Pole for his return.”

  2. I am all in favour of humour in public service announcements. Even light humour. Not everyone can be as subtle as The Babylon Bee.

  3. To be frank (and because you asked), I was absolutely horrified by this video.

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