Reducing Christmas Stress

For many people, Christmas is a stressful season. It isn’t supposed to be. We just make it that way.

I realized this week that I could reduce my stress by postponing some things until the new year. I canceled a meeting – and the other particpants thanked me profusely. They too were trying to squeeze too much into a busy time.

At this time of year I feel I should be out buying presents for friends and family – but my family stoppped exchanging gifts years ago. So that is one less stress for the season.

There are work stresses, social stresses, family stresses. Which one is weighing most on you this week?

Whichever it is, I thought today we should pause for a chuckle or two. Forget the stress for a few seconds, or a few minutes and just enjoy all the good things about the season. Can you do that?

To appreciate some of the jokes you need to be familiar with the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus.Christ. You can find it here and here if you haven’t read it before.


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  1. InseasoNout · · Reply

    I totally agree. This include many Christmas parties. I often thought why not move some of these gatherings till after New Year when it is cold, bleak and nothing happens – when we need a party to get through.

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