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A Sea of Tulips

I just realized the Tulip Festuival is happening in Ottawa and I’m missing it. That’s one of the drawbacks of traveling – you miss some things back home. Here are some photos from the last time I was in town for the Tulip Festival, 2017. A photo essay today, just to give you a sampling […]

Second Thursday In May

Each year there is a pro-life rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to bring attention to Canda’s lack of abortion laws. I think that this year the rally will take place in person once more, after two years of pandemic restrictions. I won’t be in town, so I can’t check it out. Instead, these thoughts […]

Voting Early

I gave serious thought to voting for myself? After all, when would I get another chance? I realized late last week that I was going to miss the Ontario provincial election. Not just election day, but almost the entire campaign period, including the advance polls.  It was alkso too late for me to request a […]

Price Gouging?

The price of gas at stations in Ottawa reached a new high over the weekend, 1.99.9 cents a litre. No-one is (so far) willing to cross over that two dollar mark. Experts though suggest it is coming in acouple of weeks. A year ago the price was $1.26 a litre. Two years ago it was […]

Now There Are Six…

We are in the home stretch, more or less. The contest to see who will be the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (and potentially Canada’s next Prime Minister) has been narrowed to six candidates. I think there were about a dozen this time last week, as candidates scrambled to meet the deadline […]

Spring In Canada

I missed Winter. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Four years spent in southern Germany, with the annual snowfall was less than a centimetre (except for one glorious day in early 2021) had me missing winter. Even when it was -20 this January I was reveling in the cold and snow. Still, when I woke […]

First Impressions

“It’s great to have a vision but you have to be able to actually get things done.” That is the challenge facing Conservative Party leadership hopeful Leona Alleslev. Can she convince enough party members that her vision of Canada is the right one (pun intended), and then convince Canadian voters to allow her to implement […]

Not Even A Long Shot

Last week I heard Roman Baber speak. You are forgiven for saying “who?” It was a political meeting, a chance to meet one of the candidates running to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and probably our next Prime minister. Baber is one of the candidates perceived to have an almost zero chance […]

Yesterday’s Man? Maybe Not

Sometimes perceptions don’t match reality. I saw that in action this past week. The race is on to find a leader for the Conservative Party of Canada, to replace Erin O’Toole who was ousted by the party caucus earlier this year. I’m following the race closely, given that the new leader may very well be […]

No April Fool’s Joke

The price of gas went up at the pumps today. I’m not sure by how much, because I haven’t been out yet. News reports earlier suggested the hike would be 11 cents a litre (44 cents an American gallon). Certainly the war in Ukraine has been the cause of some of the recent hikes in […]