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  Fresh snow, sunshine and snowshoes – all you need for a fun winter’s day. In my younger days I had my own snowshoes, the more traditional wooden kind with rawhide webbing and lamp-wick bindings. We wore soft mukluks, not hard winter boots that would hurt the webbing. Those old snowshoes were wider than these […]

Stepping Down

Andrew Scheer resigned as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada Thursday, the same day I received this Christmas card from him. I guess he remebers me from when I worked on Parliament Hill. He really had no choice.¬†After the October election Scheer said he was staying on the job and would fight the next […]

The Christmas Market

For the first time ever, Ottawa has an outdoor Christmas market, modeled after the ones in Europe, which are a huge tourist attraction. I was excited when the market was announced. Then I realized that this is a modest first year for the market. There are only about 20 vendors. I guess that makes sense […]

Breaking With Tradition

I was rather curious as to how Canada’s Parliament was going to handle its opening Thursday, as for the first time in more than 150 years the Senate and the House of Commons are meeting in different buildings. Traditionally the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod has walked to the Commons Chamber from the Senate […]

Only In Canada

The Calgary Flames hockey team fired their coach last week. Well, he resigned before they could fire him over an alleged racial slur made a decade ago. Bill Peters might have been fired anyway, given the team’s poor performance of late, but the situation has cast the spotlight once again on the Canadian double standard. […]

Welcome To Black Friday

I seem to have been inundated by Black Friday ads for the entire month. Now that the day is upon us, I have no urge to spend. Oh, I did see an eight-terrabyte portable hard drive advertised online at a very nice price. I don’t have 8T of data though that I want to save, […]

Grey Cup 2019

There will not be a post today. It is a national holiday.¬†Well, not really, but for Canadian sports fans it is an important day. Our national football championship is being contested today, as the Hamilton Tiger Cats take on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 107th annual Grey Cup game. I had thought of re-posting […]