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If It Looks Like Hypocrisy…

Definition of hypocrisy 1: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not : behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel The Canadian Prime Minister is defending the right of one of his party’s candidates in the upcoming federal election to oppose the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Yet […]

Happy Canada Day

It is July 1 already. Half the year is gone. Do you need any other reason for a party? Canadians celebrate their country today, which has me thinking about patriotism. We think we have the best country in the world, but citizens of other countries might disagree. I won’t list all the good things that […]

Parade Day

I don’t want to rain on their parade. Or maybe I do. I just can’t get caught up in the hysteria over the Toronto Raptors. For non-basketball fans, the Raptors won the NBA championship last week, for the first time, and the victory parade is today. I’m assuming there is television coverage, but I won’t […]

All Boxed Up

With winters in this part of Germany relatively mild, it seems that everyone has and uses a bicycle – which means there are parking issues. Many people ride their bike from home to the train station, where they lock it up for the day as they commute into Freiburg. Some people take their bike with them […]

The Balancing Act

It is an unthinkable move for a conservative. And a brilliant piece of political strategy. Canadian Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer has announced that if his party wins this year’s federal election, they will not balance the budget. Fiscal responsibility is one of the cornerstones of conservative policy. Putting the nation in debt, with future […]

Tulip Time

My mother reminded me that the national Tulip Festival is on in Ottawa. If the schedule is like past years, it should be ending this weekend. Since I can’t be there, I thought I’d share a few photos from 2017. There was something different about the light the day I took these pictures. To me […]

That Time Again

It is the second Thursday in May, which means the annual March For Life should be taking place on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill this afternoon. Since I now life in Germany, I won’t be there to see it. It is usually the biggest protest of the year in Ottawa. And it is usually almost entirely ignored […]