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Handling A Crisis

I remember waking up when the bomb went off, though I didn’t know what it was. I found out the next morning that there had been a terrorist attack on a nearby bridge. That was 1963. We think of Canada as a peaceful place, but growing up in Montreal in the 1960s we were very […]

That Unending War

I am reading a book about the First World War that brought some memories of a trip to Belgium in 2014 and this post from September of that year. A century later, it haunts them still. The last Canadian veteran of the First World War died in 2010, and I would imagine that is pretty […]

No Ice

Went to a garden party recently, which gave me the opportunity to note one of the major cultural differences (to me anyway) between Canada and Germany. No ice. I’m not talking about winter either, though the lack of snow and cold here is something I can’t quite get used to. Germans think they have winter, […]

Was Donald Trump Right For Once?

I had expected today to talk about the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. He or she was supposed to be announced before 9 p.m. Ottawa time Sunday. Yet as I write this at 8:30 Ottawa time (2:30 a.m. where I am), due to mechanical issues with the machines that opened the mail-in […]

Counting The Ballots

It’s the biggest turnout for a party leadership vote in Canadian history. A day before the deadline more than 150,000 ballots had been received at Conservative Party headquarters. (Don’t tell Donald Trump – it was a mail-in contest.) When the leadership contest started I had intended to devote the occasional post to the campaign. That […]

An App For Our Times?

Have you downloaded the app yet? Installed it? Or are you distrustful of this latest bit of modern technology? Big Brother really is watching. When the COVID-19 phone app was first announced, I had my doubts. The idea seemed intriguing, an application that would warn you if you were exposed for 15 minutes or longer […]

Quacking Like A Duck

“Stephen Harper used prorogation to avoid difficult political circumstances. We will not” – Justin Trudeau, 2015 So much for promises. Again. The funny thing is, Canada’s Prime Minister has good reason to prorogue (reset) Parliament. A new plan for the COVID-19 era makes sense. It’s the timing that makes it look so bad. He appears […]

Different Visions

Walking through Sulzburg the other day I noticed familiar flowers in one of the yards. Familiar, but not ones I had ever seen in a Canadian yard. I  will admit to not being a horticultural expert. Plants, to me, are something someone else grows. So maybe I am wrong in my observations. It did look […]

Is This Really Democracy?

Almost every day I’m getting emails about registering to vote in the upcoming American presidential election. They are not spam. When I worked in radio I was on a number of mailing lists. I stepped back from radio last year, but haven’t unsubscribed. Just in case. The emails are coming from a public relations firm […]

Rolling The Dice

Political junkies in Canada are watching an unusual story unfolding in Parliament today. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to appear before a parliamentary committee to answer questions about his latest ethics scandal. The general rule of thumb is that Prime Ministers don’t appear before committees, especially not ones investigating them. That Trudeau is ignoring this […]