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Tulip Time

My mother reminded me that the national Tulip Festival is on in Ottawa. If the schedule is like past years, it should be ending this weekend. Since I can’t be there, I thought I’d share a few photos from 2017. There was something different about the light the day I took these pictures. To me […]

That Time Again

It is the second Thursday in May, which means the annual March For Life should be taking place on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill this afternoon. Since I now life in Germany, I won’t be there to see it. It is usually the biggest protest of the year in Ottawa. And it is usually almost entirely ignored […]

Troop Deployment

There are soldiers in the streets in Canada. This is not a coup. This is democracy in action. I’ve been in countries where the sight of soldiers was never good news, places where the military was an alternative government, just waiting to seize power. It isn’t like that in Canada. Our transitions from one government […]

The Dynasty Crumbles

Four short years and the dream is over for Alberta’s New Democratic Party, handed a decisive defeat last night as the ballots were counted in the provincial election. Premier Rachel Notley must be wondering what she did wrong. When the NDP won in 2015, it put an end to more than 40 years of Conservative […]

The Gift

A Conservative friend refers to it as “the gift that keeps on giving.” A political scandal that should never have been. As someone with an intense interest in politics, as a sometime practitioner of the art, I cannot believe that Canadians are still talking about the SNC-Lavalin scandal more than two months after it first […]

Free At Last

I wish him well. Even more, I hope he meets Jesus. A Canadian court Monday determined that Omar Khadr had served his full sentence and was no longer subject to any legal restrictions. He and I now have equal standing before the law. He can apply for a passport, travel and associate with his family. […]

The Rules

As crimes go, it was a minor offense. He was eating a chocolate bar. I had to wonder though if it said something about attitude. If it was a subtle reminder that rules are for other people. Or maybe I’m being influenced by past behaviour, by the alleged groping of a female reporter years ago, […]