Waiting on Christmas Eve

It is a time of waiting. Always has been. Christmas Eve.

As a child we were waiting for the church service to end perhaps. Or for the snow to fall. Or for morning when presents could be opened. (We were envious of those whose tradition allowed them to open their gifts on Christmas Eve.)

It is almost the end of 2022, and we are still waiting.

Waiting to discover a new normal as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on forever. Waiting to see what happens with inflation in the new year. Waiting for a resolution to the war in Ukraine, and other conflicts around the globe. Waiting for this. Waiting for that. Waiting for some other thing. For each of us it is individual – we all have something we are waiting for..

That first Christmas Eve the only people waiting were Mary and Joseph. If they could see us today, see what a celebration the birth of the Christ child has become, they would probably be a little bemused. They were just trying to get through the night under difficult conditions. They weren’t thinking about the historical implications until the shepherds showed up.

Whatever you are waiting for on this Christmas Eve, I pray you will have peace in the waiting. As the angels announced to the shepherds, “peace on earth, good will to all.” While we wait, it might be worthwhile to consider what each of us can do to bring about more peace in the days and years ahead.


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  1. Neil Remington Abramson · · Reply

    Surely the person of true faith does not have to wait to see if God will fulfill his/her promises. Having surrendered to God, trusting God, why do you have to wait to see. Waiting to see suggests that until you see you are not entirely trusting. Does that suggest not entirely pure faith in the promise?

    And while we are mentioning promises, why do we feel the need to constantly remind God, and ourselves, what has been promised? Is it a lack of trust? I remind people of their promises when I am not confident of thei memory or reliability. Is it different with God?

    Merry Christmas Lorne. God be with you as s/he always is, bearing you up until and beyond the end evermore. Neil

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