The View From Quarantine

For ten days I missed my daily walk through the Black Forest and the vineyards. Taking COVID-19 quarantine seriously, I stayed inside for the required time.

My wife wanted fresh air, so she would walk in the apartment building yard as long as there was no-one around. That didn’t appeal to me – 18 steps and turn seems too much like walking in the prison yards I have seen in movies. I didn’t need the reminder of the restrictions, even if they were for the common good.

My neighbors also like to walk, including some of the same paths I regularly take. So they would send me pictures of what they were seeing.

I have mixed feelings about that. I still can’t decide when I saw them if it made me sadder to be isolated, or happy to at least see the trails that I was hoping to walk soon.

Today’s pictures are all from the same walk. As you can see, there is a light dusting of snow at higher altitudes, but nothing in town.

At the time these photos were taken, Sulzburg has been under an extreme cold warning for a week. To my Canadian mind the idea of minus three Celsius being extreme cold is laughable, but I guess things are different in southern Germany.

Quarantine is over now, so once again I can wander to my heart’s content. Except during curfew hours of course.


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