Friday Thoughts

I’m not sure about the 650 million year part. And if you didn’t have a brain, would you be smart enough to hope for one?

Today’s planned post was about masks. The City of Ottawa is supposed to be announcing today whether non-medical masks will be required of anyone entering a store.

That this is even a consideration surprises me – I’ve had to wear a mask in stores and on public transit for almost three months.

I know there is debate on how medically useful it is. Masks can give a false sense of security: people wearing them aren’t as diligent about social distancing. But wearing one doesn’t hurt you, and may afford protection for others if you are unwittingly carrying the COVID-19 virus. So I don’t see why there is debate in Canada about wearing them.

That doesn’t mean I like wearing a mask in public (or private). I don’t. At best it is uncomfortable. Always it is annoying.

One thing I have noticed is that I am less likely to spend very much time in a store if I have to wear a mask. Other than the grocery store, I tend to avoid the experience.

Which means no browsing or spontaneous purchases, which can’t be good for the economy. Welcome to the reality of 2020.

This is not where I had planned to go when I put the picture up at the top of the page. It is Friday, I figured we could all use something light and funny, a break from a tough work week. For those who still can work at this time.

Instead I have veered into the serious. These days it is tough to avoid COVID – in discussion anyway.


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