Dreaming of Summer


How are your vacation plans coming along? Everything up in the air thanks to COVID-19? Mine are.

I wrote a rant for today, making light of some serious issues. My vacation probably won’t happen as planned this summer.IMG_0255

The State of Maine is discouraging visitors by requiring them to quarantine for two weeks (and I only have a two week vacation booked). Moot point probably, as my flight back to North America was canceled (courtesy of the Canadian government).

It seemed reasonable to vent about some of the more absurd political responses to this pandemic. But looking at what I had written, it seemed less than charitable.IMG_20170815_132004

There’s been a lot of political bungling in recent months. At some point I hope there will be investigation and accounting.

Until that point, I figure maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on people who are trying to do the best they can under circumstances for which they are wholly unprepared. So no rant today. Just a couple of pictures from past summer vacations.

I’d like to take more like these in 2020, but it is looking less likely with each passing day. I can still dream though.





  1. We were supposed to be in Scotland right now, visiting friends and exploring the Isle of Skye. All that had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus and it doesn’t look like we are going anywhere this summer either! Sorry to hear your holiday is not going ahead as planned, hang in there 😊 Aiva

    1. Scotland sounds like a nice thought. If I can’t get back to North America in July maybe I should aim for the UK. By then the borders will probably be open again.

  2. Nice photos! 🙂

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