Virtually Marching For Life


Canada’s federal politicians are ecstatic Parliament is not meeting in Ottawa today. The second Thursday of May is the day they most dread.

In ordinary times the annual March For Life would wind through Ottawa’s streets to Parliament Hill this afternoon. There would be at least 20,000 people calling politicians to account on Canada’s lack of abortion laws.  IMG_20160512_142112

This year the March is being held virtually, a necessity since public gatherings are not allowed at the moment. My guess is most members of Parliament are happy not to have to confront the crowds.

For some Canadians the so-called “woman’s right to choose” is a matter of religious faith that trumps all other rights. They see abortion as constitutionally protected (it’s not) and God help anyone who suggests the matter should be discussed. The pejoratives and expletives would add to your vocabulary, though not expand your knowledge.


The ratio of pro-life to pro-choice supporters was possibly as high as 1,000-1. Politicians however don’t want to have to deal with the issue.

Those marching today have varied opinions and motivations. Some are motivated by religious belief, especially Christian belief.

For others it is common sense. It seems silly to them that a fetus is merely a blob of tissue with no legal rights until it emerges from its mother’s womb. The child has been viable for weeks, but there is a legal fiction that it isn’t human until after birth. Some of those who support early abortions believe a civilized society should set some limits.

Discussing the matter shouldn’t be taboo, but I guess some proponents are afraid that if they hear the arguments of the pro-life faction they will be convinced. Then what would happen to their “right to choose” religion?

Here are some photos from previous marches, for those who can’t rally in person today.



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