Take A Deep Breath….

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I was going to post something about COVID-19 today. It is the hot topic after all.

However, if you are like me you are probably getting sick of hearing about coronavirus. Tell me something new, don’t repeat the same information.

But there is nothing new. The virus will spread. Most people will get it. The vast majority will recover – and it won’t feel any worse than seasonal flu. It’s a pandemic, precautions should be taken but we will get through it. If anything, governments could be criticized for not moving fast enough, but these situations are rare enough that there isn’t an automatic response.

It was a beautiful Sunday, so we went for a walk to Staufen, which is about six kilometres away from Sulzburg on the trail we take which winds through vineyards, forest and farmer’s fields. Having done a shorter walk on Saturday I was properly dressed this time: shorts and no coat. That’s not something I’d be doing in Canada at this time of year.

Leaving Sulzburg I noticed this tree in full bloom in someone’s yard. On the outskirts of Staufen I snapped the flowers below. It may only be the middle of March, but here it seems like almost summer.

I figured a splash of color today would take the edge off the news of the world. I was right, wasn’t I?


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