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Top Of The Hill

It is a couple kilometres hike to the top, depending on your starting point. The view from the ruined castle is worth it though. You get a great view of the valley below. From the remaining ramparts of Burgruine Neuenfels you can see the neighboring towns. Badenwieler and Britzingen are closest, but over there is […]

Attitude Adjustment

You make great plans and life intervenes, meaning that nothing on your “to-do” list actually gets done. Sometimes I don’t know where the time goes. Do you ever have a day like that? Tuesday started (after a quick email check) with a couple of hours work in a nearby vineyard. Grapes don’t just grown on […]

Gutedel Tag – The Event I

  They really did it. They shut the highway down for 14 kilometres for a giant wine tasting, Gutedel Tag (Gutedel Day). It was a great party. Turns out the shuttle buses didn’t start running until 6 p.m., by which time I was home, so I didn’t get to see it all. Sulzburg’s location, at […]

Another Anniversary

Every so often my wife and I walk over the hills to the Black Forest town of Staufen. There’s a cafe there she likes, and the five kilometre walk is a healthy one. Whenever we walk down the main street I see signs commemorating the date Allied forces bombed Staufen during World War II and […]

More of a Gray Friday

America is renowned for its cultural exports, whether they be Hollywood films, rock and roll or noir detwective novels. If it is popular in the US, it seems inevitable that it will reach the rest of the  world, sooner or later. That goes for the bad as well as the good. Like Black Friday. The […]

Which Direction Will You Choose?

It’s a new year. I could wax philosophical, but I’ll save that for another day perhaps. But I have been thinking about choices. We make them all the time, usually without thinking about it. For example, each morning I choose to put on a pair of socks. There are other options – I could go […]

Downtown Staufen

Sunday afternoon nothing is open in Germany, at least not where we live. And December 24 not many people were out window shopping – everyone was already home with family. We took the opportunity to visit Staufen, which is about five kilometres from home. I had been through the castle on my first visit to […]