I’ve Been Warned


I bought a new computer mouse. But I’m not sure if it is safe to use it. Maybe you can help me.

The mini-mouse that I was using died about a year ago. I have used  the touchpad on my laptop, but it is sometimes not as  precise as I would like, So when I saw a wireless mouse on sale when I was in Freiburg, I picked it up.

Technology has changed since I last  used one of the little rodents. This one is wireless, something I have never used before. But how hard could it be.

It seemed simple enough. I didn’t even look at the instructions. I plugged in the USB piece and off I went. It worked.

Then, not wanting to be a typical male, I looked at the directions, just to confirm I had done everything properly. That;s when I started to get worried.IMG_20190312_0630262

The instruction manual was mostly pictures. I don’t do well with pictures, which is why I find assembling IKEA furniture to be such a challenge. Still, it looked like I had done everything right. The mouse was working after all. But there was some fine print. In nineteen different languages.

It was a disclaimer about use, assuring me the manufacturer “accepts no responsibility for damage to the product or injuries to persons resulting from careless, improper or incorrect use of the product or from use contrary to the intended use specified by the manufacturer.” Now my mind is just racing. Think of the possibilities!

I have no idea what would constitute careless, improper or incorrect use, but my inquiring mind wants to know. Can it be used as the trigger for a nuclear weapon? Can it be converted into a microwave oven? How can you be careless with a computer mouse? Casual I understand but careless?

I’m open to suggestions. My mind isn’t function that well today – maybe paralyzed by the fear of what could go wrong with this mouse. What would you think would constitute careless, improper or incorrect use?

Tell me in the comments section below. And pass this question on to your friends and family – feel free to post this to social media or email it, or however you share information.

I need your help on this one. Otherwise I may spend the rest of my life wondering what constitutes improper use of a computer mouse.

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  1. Inseasonnout · · Reply

    You’ll be surprised what people do with things and expect to get a refund or surprised that the product doesn’t work. Maybe they plug it in the wrong receptacle, drop it in water, microwave it… One Costco member brought back an empty bag and demanded his money back because the oranges were no good. Some people are not reasonable consumers.

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