Freiburg Farmers’ Market


If you ever plan to visit Freiburg, Germany, please let me know in advance. I promise not to be there.

It is not that I don’t like your company. Or the city. However, as far as Freiburg is concerned, I seem to be a rain magnet. If I stay away your visit will be much drier.

I was in Freiburg this past Saturday, running some errands, more or less. (Okay,. I confess, I just didn’t want to spend the day in Sulzburg where there is absolutely nothing to do except breathe.)IMG_5326

Stumbled onto the farmer’s market which is held on Saturdays outside the Munster. I have seen it before, but usually after most of the booths have been packed up – I think things close around two.

One side of the church features produce, plus flowers and, or course, you can buy sausage on a bun. You can buy sausage on a bun everywhere in Germany, except Sulzburg. The other side of the church seemed like it had more craft products, things made not grown. Even with the clouds and rain it was a colorful sight.

I didn’t check out the prices, as I didn’t feel like carrying food around with me all day. I did take a few pictures though.

As I got into the train to take me back home the sun broke out. Pretty much what I expected.

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