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Saturday’s Conspiracy Theory

Don’t you just love technology? Me neither. I am frequently appreciative of computers, the internet and all that is possible because of them. But when they don’t work, I feel like throwing the thing across the room. Well, that may be an exaggeration, I’m not prone to violence, even against a machine. But Friday was […]

Technology Shock

It was the size that caught my attention. Do you notice these things? I was installing a new app for my phone, to better manage one of the loyalty programs I belong to. I gave the usual permissions and the download started. I noted it was 31.5 megabytes. That jogged my memory. Back in 1990 […]

I’ve Been Warned

I bought a new computer mouse. But I’m not sure if it is safe to use it. Maybe you can help me. The mini-mouse that I was using died about a year ago. I have usedĀ  the touchpad on my laptop, but it is sometimes not asĀ  precise as I would like, So when I […]

Don’t You Love Computers?

Today’s post is photo dependent – and for some reason the photos aren’t uploading to this site. So instead of some pictures of a picturesque town you’ve never heard of before, you instead get this mini-rant. How do I know you’ve never heard of the town? I’m just guessing – we discovered it be accident […]

Random Thoughts About Computer Technology

I was doing a computer backup, something I probably don’t do as often as I should (and neither do you!). During the process I was struck by the advances in technology over the past couple of decades. What triggered the thought was watching the transfer rate on my laptop screen. Depending on the type of […]

Tech Support

Apparently I am not an idiot. One of my jobs requires logging in to a computer in another city, using a virtual private network. When it works, which is usually, it is a simple system. A few weeks back though I couldn’t connect. I contacted tech support, described the problem and implemented the solution they […]

So You Think I Can Dance?

Computers baffle me at times. I’m not ashamed to admit that. At least I am assuming it is a computer that baffles me, I would hate to think it is a human that has me puzzled in this case. It’s about a job, one that apparently someone, or more likely some machine, thinks I am […]