More Visions of Fastnacht

I could hear the noise coming from the main street, which is only a block away, but I avoided it completely. Mind you, I broke some rules to do so.

It was raining all Sunday morning, and the weather app on my phone said it would continue throughout the afternoon. That made a trip to Freiburg less appealing who wants to wander around in the rain?

I though by dashing back to Sulzburg right after the church service in Mullheim I might beat the road closures. The parade was to start at 2:11 p.m. (thee’s some spiritual significance to the time, or so I have been told), maybe they wouldn’t close the roads before noon. They did.

With my limited German I didn’t know if I would be successful talking my way through the roadblock, but there was another option. Time to utilize the knowledge of the area gleaned through daily walks.

Bypassing the Sulzburg turnoff from the highway, I exited instead in Dottingen, the next village. From there I drove up Castellberg, using the trails through the vineyards. Some of those are paved, and I figured there wouldn’t be a roadblock, that I would be able to enter Sulzburg the back way.

All was going well as I drove through the vineyards. There was no-one in sight. However, when I got to the upper entrance to Sulzburg there were signs indicating the road was closed. But no barricades I could see. So I continued up the hill.

There were temporary street signs all over. No entry signs for the most part, plus some detour and one-way signs. I decided to ignore them. The way I looked at it, everyone was down on the main street, no-one would be worried about enforcing temporary traffic rules.

That turned out to be the case. I was able to take the back street to get home. Nobody questioned me. I probably should feel guilty about the traffic violations, but I don’t. There was no reason I shouldn’t be allowed to return to me home.

It did rain on the parade, though not continuously. I still didn’t go anywhere near it. This collection of photos is from last year’s event. If the masks seem rather grotesque, they are supposed to be. After all, they are the faces of evil.


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