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The TikTok Results

Just in case you were wondering…in our less than scientific poll on people’s use of the TikTok app on their phones: Forty-four per cent (44%) of respondents said they would never have TikTok on their phone, but do have other social media apps. I didn’t answer the survey, but that is the category I would […]

Let The Bot Do It

I’ve been swamped lately, work and family things, and haven’t been able to find the time to finish the posts I wanted to share here next. So I thought I’d try and experiment. I asked one of those artificial intelligence engines to write me a post about cash register receipts – which for some reason […]

Almost Unplugged

I took my computer with me on vacation. But I never turned it on. Never even took it out of the bag. At first it wasn’t deliberate. I figured as soon as we had less than perfect beach weather I would get caught up on personal email and check both work emails. But the first cloudy […]

Big Brother Is Watching

I spent less than five percent of my work hours last month in meetings, not even an hour. That is if Microsoft is to be believed. My perception is quite different, but then I don’t confide in my electronics. Why add to the database someone is creating about me? I don’t use Microsoft’s calendar that comes […]

Welcome To 1984

A friend in the U.K. wanted to know if I had seen the news article. Was I aware that the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) had been tracking 33 million Canadian cell phones to monitor citizens’ movement during the pandemic? I hadn’t seen that specific article – but I knew it was going on. […]

Feeling Stressed?

Honestly, I think most people live their daily lives along a spectrum from slightly rattled to completely fried as their normal state of being. – John Eldredge If you have a smartphone, if you use social media, you should read this book. I could give a longer review, listing all the reasons, but there is […]

Junk The Printer

If I hadn’t just spent money on ink, I would probably have a new printer by now. I knew I needed printer ink at Christmastime, but there seemed no point in buying some and opening the cartridge, then having the machine sit for six months. So ink was my first purchase once we were out […]

An App For Our Times?

Have you downloaded the app yet? Installed it? Or are you distrustful of this latest bit of modern technology? Big Brother really is watching. When the COVID-19 phone app was first announced, I had my doubts. The idea seemed intriguing, an application that would warn you if you were exposed for 15 minutes or longer […]

Welcome to Tuesday

Monday was filled with computer issues. A Windows update is supposed to improve performance, not  require two hours to fix. I won’t go into the rest of it. Suffice it to say, I can use a smile today.

Scary Thought

Not to mention that back then many of us didn’t even own a cell phone.  Need I say anything more?